Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bee-Themed First Birthday Party

When you have a baby of your own you know you’re going to love them. You grew them, thought about them day in and day out, planned for them—but nothing can really prepare you to love a niece or a nephew. 

I’m sure you’ve all seen the picture of me bawling when she was born—and I’m not sure if it was exhaustion or if it was truly the moment I fell in love with my niece. Watching her grow over the past year has been amazing, I’m so blessed to live so close to her and that my sister lends her to me every so often. Watching these boys with their Win girl just makes my heart so happy and I can’t wait to see them grow up together. Win, Fred, Winifred, Winnie, Elowyn Adair—you are so loved. With that I present to you a Bee-Themed First Birthday for our favorite girl. 

I was put in charge of the sign, and providing the site for the party. I purchased this design on Etsy 2 days before the party, and got it printed at Office Depot the morning of the party. I was so impressed by how this printed up at Office Depot--I paid to have it mounted and it was under $25. I highly recommend getting it printed there if you purchase one. 

We had people go directly to the backyard when they arrived, these balloons are being held down by golf tees--and made the perfect path for everyone to find their way to the party! 

This is the second time we have purchased the cupcakes un-iced from Publix and I highly recommend it if you know how to whip up your own icing. I made a banana butter cream that was very easy to pipe and tasted delicious!

I followed a simple Rice Krispy Treat recipe to make these Honeycomb Treats. These were gone by the end of the evening and everyone loved them! 

I made the cakes for both the smash and the party. This was a glorified banana bread with the same banana butter cream frosting. The recipe was from the Cooking Channel and I followed it exactly with this exception of doubling the recipe to make two cakes. 

The party was at 4pm, so finding a little snack for everyone to munch on was as simple as milk and cereal. Everyone loved the choices of cereal and made a perfect snack for the little ones at the party. 

I am always amazed by the balloon garland my sister makes. This time she had my dad create this structure which we then taped streamers and the balloon garland to. It made a perfect little spot for the cake smash and opening gifts. 

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