Sunday, November 19, 2017

What's in My Toddler's Bag

Getting through the baby stages is one of the most tiring, amazing, trying, and beautiful times. Leaving the house is a full on adventure, as if you were packing for a weeks vacation to the beach. You must bring burp cloths, changes of clothes, formula, water, bottles--seriously, the list goes on. Although my kiddos don't require as much these days, I still carry around my Lily Jade bag that holds all of the essentials I need for my little ones in this stage of life. Here's what's in my toddler bag.

For a family that's always on the go I need something quick to offer my kiddos so we aren't running through every drive thru window we see. I love that these Non-GMO Happy Kid Fruit & Oat organic bars are perfectly sized for kids with no added sugar.  These high quality gluten free bars come in 3 different flavors including Banana Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, and Blueberry Raspberry. I love that I can hand these over to my kids and know that I am giving them something healthy with no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. Check them out here and head on over to Amazon to pick them up!


Living in Florida water is a requirement even if you are gone for a few minutes. I always have my boys cups ready to go. This also helps us not to purchase juices or other drinks when we are out and about. 


I usually always pack a toy or two for Carson, one of his favorites is the ball pictured. Bennett's favorite item to bring is travel sized books or a Christmas catalog at the moment. 

A Diaper and Wipes 

Bennett has been potty trained for a year now, so it's nice that I only have to bring one diaper with me wherever we go. I always carry a large thing of wipes as I use them for everything--wiping faces, toys, pacifiers, tabletops, the list goes on.

Also in my Bag is:

A changing pad
Hand Sanitizer
My wallet
Change of clothes

What's in your toddler bag? Don't forget to grab head over to Amazon and pick up some Happy Kid Fruit & Oat bars for your next outing.

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