Thursday, August 31, 2017

Target Fall Fashion

Ok, I may live in Florida but give me all the mustard, maroon, and grays. I've got the ultimate family must haves for those fall days, including some pieces from the new line 

Does anyone else live at Target? They've got it all, just between Starbucks and the Cafe I'm basically set for the day. On August 27th, Target launched a new line. I actually was at the Target in Maui when I saw everything, and I about dumped everything out of my luggage to load up on new clothes. Luckily, we were heading to our flight and my husband (voice of reason) was with me, so I didn't. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Five Step Bedtime Routine and Printable

School is back in session and that means early bedtimes for the littles. We're trading the late night movies in for bed before the sun even goes down. 

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It's so hard on the little ones to transition to school night bedtime, but hopefully this routine helps it make it easier on your little one. I love bedtime, not only because it means some quiet time for myself--but it's the calmest part of my day, and I enjoy just cuddling with my boys before they go to sleep. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tips for Toddler Haircuts #Shareahaircut

With school around the corner and a third birthday approaching, it was that time again. Time for a haircut.  

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Since his first birthday he has had to get a haircut about every 2 months--it grows so very fast. His first haircut was probably the easiest haircut, my sister cut it and he didn't cry at all. After that it kinda all went down hill from there.

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