Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Workouts for the Busy Mom

I've been there (a lot), you're tired and working out is the last thing on your mind. Really though, just do it. You will feel so much better. 

Workouts Busy Mom; New Mom Workouts; Workout; Busy
When I first had Bennett I couldn't really get back into working out. Let's be honest, when he slept--I slept. About 4 months postpartum I decided that was it and I had to do something. I joined a fun group of mom's at the mall every morning for a great workout. I'm actually still friends with a lot of them to this day.
This time around I wanted to work out sooner, and although we have so many gyms around our home---going to the gym is NOT for me. I really needed something that would allow me to work out in the comfort of my own home. I love that I can easily my workouts on the phone, iPad, or computer--and stream them through my Apple TV while my little ones are playing. 
Workouts Busy Mom; New Mom Workouts; Workout

Pure Barre 

I seriously was an avid Pure Barre goer before having kids. I actually went on opening day to the one around the corner from me, and was the only one in my class. After having kiddos, it was hard to find time to go. I missed the workout, and the way my body felt after a class. However, just the other day I received an email for Pure Barre On Demand. This was perfect for me and my busy lifestyle. 
One thing I love about this, is the options for workout times. They offer workouts from 5 to 60 minutes; this has allowed me to choose the workout that works best for whatever is going on that day. I also love that I can target the areas I want to work out as well--but trust me, I'm all about the full body. 
Right now they are offering a special for $14.99, but it ends July 4th--so make sure to sign up before it goes up to $29.99. 
Workouts Busy Mom; New Mom Workouts; Workout
Beach Body On Demand

Another favorite that my friend Sarah got me hooked on is Beach Body On Demand. I'm sure by this point we've all heard of Shakeology, well this is the workout that goes hand in hand with that! I love that these are 30 minute workouts, and have every workout you could every dream of--seriously 600+ workouts. Two of my favorites are PiYo and Country Heat--sometimes if I'm really feeling the workout I even do both. 

This is the workout I started after Bennett. As someone who was pretty young when I had a little one--I wasn't lucky enough to have friends around me that had kiddos. This group isn't only a workout group, but it's a community. They are there to help you--these are moms that know what it's like to be up in the middle of the night. They don't judge. Oh, and trust me when I say won't just be pushing a stroller. You leave sweating, and you will leave wanting more. These awesome groups are all over the country--click here to find your closest one!
Workouts Busy Mom; New Mom Workouts; Workout
Walk or Jog

OK, well when it's not 100 degrees I love taking a quick jog to the Farmer's Market at the end of the street, or even to check on the progress of our new house. I usually grab a snack for the big little, turn on some music, and have a moment with myself. Being outside seriously clears my head, and the kiddos absolutely love going on walks. You can check out my stroller recommendations here
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  1. That workout gear is so pretty! haha -- maybe since I'm a gym rat now, I can buy some cute outfits! It's so funny how some people prefer the gym and some prefer to workout at home. I need time away, that's why I go to the gym! :)


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