Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6 Essentials for your Road Trip + Printable

Kleenex Tissues Go Anywhere Pack Road Trip Essentials
About a year ago we decided we would take a road trip. Our cousin was getting married, and we figured we could just make a big vacation out of it. We would stop at my cousin's house in Knoxville and head up 75 the rest of the way. A couple times that week I checked flights, as I was just a little terrified of the adventure ahead. It turned out to be an amazing trip with my family--and although I wouldn't do it again next week, I definitely see us doing it again one day! 
I'm sharing my essentials for a successful road trip! What are some of your must haves when traveling?
1. Baby Toys and Blankets

Oball Arch Toy

Ya'll we traveled with a 5 month old. I think I should get a bottle of two of wine just for surviving that. I seriously stocked up on every toy I could think of for this boy. There was no way a little rattle would get us through this trip, so we brought out the big guns. This Oball Arch that attaches to the car seat. Seriously, it's amazing. It tightens to the sides of the car seat, and doesn't budge. 
Baby Sleeping in Car in Road Trip
Also, don't forget blankets. Blankets for you, blankets for baby, blankets for the window. Seriously everything needs a blanket. I left a space at the top for his vent to let air in, really though the second I covered him up he was out!
2. iPad/Leapfrog

A couple weeks ago this Leapfrog LeapStart Tablet was on sale, I snagged it and some books to go with it. His favorite is the STEM book, I'm pretty sure he could play with that book for an hour straight. He also has an iPad, and I share here what my favorite apps are for him. We also have a wifi hotspot that he was able to watch Netflix and Amazon Video on--I also let Carson watch Baby Einstein  on Amazon Video a couple times. 
3. Clean Up Supplies
Car Organizer Kleenex Go Anywhere Pack

One thing that drive me semi-crazy on a road trip is how messy the car gets. I always stock up on paper towels, wet wipes, and garbage bags before we leave. This time though I grabbed these Kleenex Go Anywhere packs! This made wiping up little hands and drooling (teething) babies easy. I loved that I could clip it to my bag when I got out of the car, to take along with us. 

Kleenex Go Anywhere Pack Walmart Coupon

Visit you local Walmart and stock up on the Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs for all of your summer fun. 
4. Chargers

This is not 1997. We all have phones, laptops, iPads, etc. Yeah, I could simply read a book on our trip--but Pinterest is very similar to reading. Right? Anyways, chargers are a must. Do not pack in your suitcase, put them in your bag for the car and plug one into every outlet there is. You will thank me later. Also, these 6 foot cords are lifesavers. 
5. Apps for Driving

I remember when we would road trip when I was a kid. We would go to AAA before we left and pick up all the maps we needed to get to West Virginia. Do they even make those anymore? In 2017 we simply turn on Waze and it even alerts us when they are hazards up ahead. You need to stop for coffee, just simply add a stop into your route and it will give your directions. Waze also tells you when there is traffic ahead and routes you another way. 
Waze Road Trip
Other great apps that I love to use when we are driving, are Spotify, Pandora, and Google Maps

6. Snacks

Sitting in a car for 10+ hours is extremely boring. Thus, making you want to snack. I had this Bento box with us so that I could easily make Bennett a snack box for him to enjoy, without us stopping. We also snacked on hummus, carrots, veggie chips, and some trail mix. We tried not to eat too bad of fast food, and opted for Chipotle, Chick Fil A, Subway, and Cracker Barrel. I don't feel too bad about what we ate, but the snacks I brought definitely helped! 
Road Trip Pottery barn Bento Box

Don't forget your coupon for NEW! Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs at Walmart and the packing list below! 

Kleenex Go Anywhere Pack
Coupon for Kleenex Tissues Go Anywhere Packs

Packing List Printable
Packing List 
Road Tip Essentials; Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs; Packing List Printable



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