Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Packing: Baby's Hospital Bag

I'm in the home stretch--almost there. This is actually the part that bothers me the most though honestly. I'm such a planner and to have no idea when my child is coming drives me a little crazy. I've done everything there is to get ready, packed my bag, prepared freezer meals, and the last thing to do was pack sweet Carson's bag. 

A couple weeks ago I had these pictures done by the wonderful Alison Winterroth. She needed a model for some new dresses and backdrops, and I basically yelled hey I'm your girl! I loved these shots, and they will look gorgeous on a canvas hung up around the new house. 

Diaper bag: 
I purchased my diaper bag when Nordstrom was having their summer sale. I put it away, and vowed not to use it until the baby was born--I even packed some stuff in it so i wouldn't be tempted to use it. There is something about how gorgeous Jujube bags are that you just feel great carrying one. I love how this one has so many pockets and can turn into a backpack or a regular bag.  

Nursing Pillow:

I also bought this during a Nordstrom sale. I actually had it picked out for my mom to get me for a shower gift, but when it popped up on sale I had to grab it. I am so glad I did. Although I have a Boppy that I love and will still use. I love how the Ergo is a little stiffer for those first few months and has a wonderful natural curve. 


This is something I actually didn't bring to the hospital with us before, but I figured why not for this time. We actually just weaned my son off of the Mam Pacifiers a couple months ago, so I kinda know what I'm getting myself into--but hey it took one day of him being a terror and he was over it. I'd rather sleep in the first year and then weaning one day. 


I am semi obsessed with baby clothes, my favorites for those nights in the hospital when you have doctors coming in to check on baby are the baby gowns They are easy to slip up and check on baby. I actually am using the ones that I used for when Bennett was born. I also had to pick up some more baby socks at Gap because they are really the only ones I can find that will stay on.


I'm honestly not quite sure how many muslin swaddles I bought when I was pregnant with Bennett 2 years ago. It's embarrassing, sort of. I didn't buy nearly as many this time as I had kept all the ones from before. I did however receive these adorable cotton swaddles--and how cute is this one with his name printed on it?! They have so many different options for style, font, type of blankets--you have to take a look yourself! Some of my favorites came from Audrey's BearBuccio Baby, Aden Anais, and Milkmaid Goods.

Baby Hats:

Hats are a must when baby is born. Especially if born in a cold month like my little one. Not only are they important for the cold months, they are very important to help a newborn maintain their temperature. These hats can easily add style to your little ones new wardrobe. Some of my favorites came from Buccio BabyAfter Sunset Creations, and Finn and Emma

What were some of your must haves? 


  1. That professional picture of you is beautiful! That dress! It'll definitely look stunning hung up on a wall.

    x Kate

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