Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Second Baby Registry

When having a second little one, I think it's usually common to think that you won't need anything--but that's actually farthest from the truth. There are a lot of things you will need with two that you didn't need with only one. I'm an avid online seller (and buyer), and generally sell quite a bit of stuff if it's laying around. Luckily, my husband would not let me sell something that would cost us more than $50, so the big items we still have (crib, mamaroo, etc.). 

One of my good friends threw me a sprinkle this weekend, which was absolutely lovely. I hadn't originally planned on registering, but after many people asked what I needed I quickly put together what I knew I needed. It helps so much in people buying you things you actually want vs. what they think you wanted. Plus lots of places of completion discounts which I used today to finish purchasing the stuff I needed. 
Double Stroller- We have the gorgeous Bugaboo Donkey that has the bassinet option, and can also be either a single or double. It also turns and faces out, but it also has the option of facing backwards towards the parent. The only downside to the stroller is the fold, and the time it takes. I absolutely LOVE my city mini GT, it has the easiest fold and is great for quick trips. It is also great when you are comfortable with your little one facing the other way. I couldn't get used to it until Bennett was about a year. 

Car Seat- The infant seat is one thing I did get rid of with Bennett. It was extremely heavy, and I knew that with the second I needed something that was lighter. We ended up with the Maxi Cosi which is light and has a great handle for carrying. We also purchased another Chicco Nextfit since we transferred Bennett over to a convertible when he was around 4 months. This car seat is very simple to install, and extremely simple to wash with a zip away cover. 

Baby Carrier- With Bennett I used an Ergo with an insert, I tried the Moby but it was so thick and hard to install. This time I picked up a Beluga Baby wrap which is so soft and easy to put on. I actually tried one of my friends babies in it when she was visiting one day because I just couldn't wait any longer. I have a Tula that I will use when he gets bigger--and we used that up until recently. 

Pack N Play- We picked up a Pottery Barn wicker bassinet for $100 before I found out I was pregnant. I just had to have it--and figured it was going to be a great keepsake item for way down the road. I knew I needed a pack n play though for both travel and newborn naps. I picked this one up on super clearance at Target and I already love everything it offers. 

Bath Time- If both boys had a bedroom downstairs then I wouldn't really need any new towels. However at this time the nursery is downstairs, so having two sets of towels, washcloths, and soap was definitely a must have. 

Double Monitor- We purchased a baby monitor when Bennett was born that would work as a double. When it came time to find the additional camera in store it was basically impossible. We also had issues with the camera that was installed in Bennett's room--so we went ahead and picked up this new monitor from Levana. I absolutely love it. It accurately tells me the temp, time, and offers lullabies that play from the camera. It also is a much bigger screen so that both cameras can be seen together on one screen. 

Extras- I honestly wanted to be cheap and keep the same bottle nipples as with Bennett but I ended up throwing them all out and am slowly adding them to my cart in Amazon when I need to meet my $35 minimum for same day delivery. We also have been purchasing pacifiers this way, which makes it pretty nice since they are generally add on items. 

Completion Discount- If you are thinking that you won't need a registry for whatever reason. There are some great completion discounts out there that you will receive to buy everything off your registry. It's great to even make a list and buy things off as you go. Amazon offers 15% off with Prime and 10% off without. Target offers 15% off. BabiesRUs offers 10% off. BuyBuyBaby offers 10% off. Pottery Barn offers 10% off. These are one time purchase coupons so be sure you are ready to purchase the big items on your registry. Also, add everything to your registry before checking out!

What items were must haves for you? 

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  1. That stroller is awesome looking! I always wonder if those get too wide as side by side strollers versus the back to back ones.

  2. cute! the stroller looks so chic!

  3. This is great! I am due in December with my second child and have been trying to complete my registry. We had a girl the first time and are now having a boy. I almost feel like we are starting over again. haha

  4. Oh yes. Yoou always need stuff sadly ... But buying is so much fun!! I miss being pregnant and having to go baby shopping. Sigh!! I second all items on your list. Though I wish I had bought the double stroller. :)

  5. omg that stroller is absolute perfection. We have the uppababy and sometimes more expensive can really mean better options or quality. Great post!

  6. I love all of your pictures. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh I love that baby carrier with the anchors on it! Not to mention your babies are precious!

  8. Totally agree with all of these! I love that Bugaboo stroller for the toddler and infant. Definitely going to check that out!

  9. I'm expecting my second baby in February, and I keep thinking of things we will need. I got rid of our infant car seat, too!

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