Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How I Potty Trained--Part 2

So almost 4 weeks ago we started potty training. You can read all about the first few days here. I took the advice from my cousin, and read the book Oh Crap Potty TrainingI know it sounds silly to read about potty training but trust me it will make your life easier. So grab yourself some wine, the book, and some undies and lets see what happened the rest of the week. 

Day Four:

So technically at this point Bennett was supposed to be going commando--but I'm not sure as a teacher I would want kiddos going commando, so we transitioned to undies on Day 3. He wore the Gerber undies to school that have a thicker padding in them, so if he did have an accident it wouldn't go right through immediately. He had much difficulty going to the restroom today, because he didn't like when someone told him to go. He held it almost the entire day, probably 5 minutes before I picked him up. I wasn't upset that he had an accident just explained to him that he needed to tell his teacher. We did fine the rest of the day. 
Day Five: 

I wanted to work really hard on getting him to use the restroom when someone told him it was time. Today we had swim so I brought his little potty seat and made him go on the potty at swim before and after class. We also went to Target and my in-laws house for him to try out the potty seat there. I wanted him to get used to the fact that there are other places to use the potty seat besides at home. He actually did great, and by the end of the day he was fine with people telling him to go potty. One thing we did notice was that he wasn't emptying his bladder all the way, he would go a little even though we knew he had a lot inside that he needed to get out. 

Day Six: 

We had school again today. He happily went for his teachers, but had an accident on the playground. I kinda expected it since he was still learning to empty all of his bladder. He did great at home with no accidents the rest of the day--I was very proud of how far he had come since Day 1. I can't imagine having to learn something like that. 


  • We rarely have accidents, and if we do they are poop. We are currently working on this. He was holding it and going poop in the diaper at night so we are transitioning to the toilet now. 
  • He doesn't use the small toilet or the toilet seat insert, he sits directly on the toilet. With a boy it's much easier to have them not sit on such a small seat, they tend to pee outside of it if they do.
  • Your child will stop asking for MM's. I think it just becomes a way of life, once every few days he will ask and I don't mind giving him one. 
  • Bring 2 sets of clothes with you everywhere. We haven't had to use our change of clothes, but I'm incredibly nervous we will be out and about and have an accident.
  • He does tell us when he has to go potty, not all the time but he does say it. We are continuing to work on this!
Needless to say I am very proud of him. It was a fast process that I always thought would take much longer. 3 Weeks after we took diapers away we got rid of the paci. You can find how we did that here. I am going to have a fun post next week about what's in a Potty Trained Diaper Bag--you don't want to miss it!

Do you have any questions? What are some tips/tricks you used with your kiddos? 


  1. That's awesome how fantastic he's doing. I work with children and often I have to write in a potty training program for them. I've found that potty parties work absolute wonders! Some parents are not so keen at first but with every single client I've had, after one potty party, they've been potty trained.


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