Friday, October 7, 2016

Finally Friday!

The weeks are flying and I seriously have so much to do. When Bennett went back to school I said I wanted to get the rest of his photo books finished. I finished them, but have yet to get them printed. I'm hoping by the end of the year I will be able to have them all here and put away. I also made an adorable outfit for Carson when they meet Santa, and have the stuff to create a matching outfit for Bennett but it's not even cut out from the pattern yet. I really need to get on that. Luckily, we aren't doing much in Carson's room since we are moving next spring--I did however get all the clothes washed and put away. 

I confess this Hurricane Matthew is scary looking. I pray continuously for the people that are in the line of the storm, I'm hoping that a good chunk of people listened and evacuated when they told them to. Supposedly this is the worst storm to hit Florida in any of our lives--that's just a little insane to me. Do you know anyone in the line of the storm? 

I confess this 31 week mama was excited about going to Disney this weekend. Obviously we cancelled our stay pretty early but I'm kinda hoping to go on Saturday night and Sunday during the day. It's supposed to be really nice here this weekend. We're talking 82 is the high. If we don't make it there this weekend we are going at the end of the month. 

Kinesio Tape- Diary of a Fit Mommy
I confess I'm so sore. It's kinda insane to me that I'm as sore as I am as I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. I'm actually fine throughout the day, but as soon as night time hits I'm sitting down with my feet up. It actually almost feels like growing pains, weird--because I don't think my leg is growing. I'm going to try the kinesio tape. Has anyone ever tried that stuff? Does it work? 

I confess I need to get some nursing bras. First my bras are way too small at the moment, and second I need to invest in some anyways for when this baby comes in 9 weeks! I know for sure I want some either Energy Bras or Free To Be from Lululemon, but I need probably 2 bras that are actual nursing bras as well. Any advice on what you like best? I need something with a little push up and padding in it. 

Lauren Day Photography
I confess that I'm kind of in denial that I'm having this baby in single digit weeks. I am so excited, nervous, and ten thousand other emotions--to meet him. I have this lovely little gift that "Carson" bought Bennett when he is born and I'm getting so excited to share that moment with him. We will be recording it and I will post it on my Facebook and probably my Youtube channel. Did you do anything special when your little one is born for your older ones? 
Wednesday- Bath Time Favorites

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  1. Ahh you're the cutest preggers! Congrats on your baby coming shortly :) I agree the hurricane does look scary I hope the weather doesn't hit FL too badly.


  2. Good luck with the remaining of your pregnancy!! You look awesome! I love reading your blog :) have a great weekend! XO

  3. We hunkered down as best we could to ride out Matthew here in Orlando and thankfully it moved further out to sea over night! We still have a lot of wind and rain and our backyard is fully of branches and leaves, but thankfully we have power and little to no flooding! Thankful that the storm let up some!! We don't normally fret much over hurricanes, but once Disney closed we knew we needed to be a little worried! Thankful it didn't have the effect they had been planning for!

    Hope you have a beautiful Friday!!

  4. Wow how cute are you! Congrats on your baby coming !

  5. You are adorable! I ordered nursing bras off of amazon and love them. I need to do a post all things nursing. We just had our 4th baby and we did not do anything special for my older kids. My advice is to include Bennett in everything (diaper changes, feeding, putting the paci in babies mouth) as much as you can so that he feels like he is involved and not been replaced! You will do great and I am excited for you!!

  6. Really enjoyed reading this and catching up with your blog, lovely. Hurricane Matthew does look scary and I do pray as well no lives would be lost. I'm sure it's terrifying for people to evacuate from their homes but it's essential as it would preserve a life, and that's key. Gorgeous bump and gorgeous mamma! Even though I am not yet one, we are thinking about next year so I am getting on board with all the mommy bloggers I love :)
    xox Nadia

  7. You are so cute!! Hope you make it to Disney this month and stay safe in the storm!

  8. Hurricane Matthew was so crazy! My aunt and uncle live in Florida but luckily they didn't have any damage. I bet everyone is ready for hurricane season to be over!


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