Friday, September 30, 2016

Finally Friday!

We should call this episode of Friday Confessions, baby is coming in 10 weeks! I mean are we ever truly ready for a baby to enter into our real life? I'm not talking being pregnant..I'm talking birthing and bringing baby home. This week has been all about baking baby Carson. Must dos are high up there on the list and we had some great fun with our little Bennett who is now officially out of all things baby. Wait til you hear what we did to celebrate getting rid of the Paci. 

I confess that after a routine doctors appointment I took this little boy to Build a Bear. The goal of the trip? Put all pacifiers inside the stuffed animal that he chooses. Once inside they will stuff the little animal and stitch him up. It was all fun and games until nap time when he realized they were really gone. He cried for about an hour, lots of soothing on my part. We prayed together a couple times that Jesus would give his little body peace, I sang to him, read him a book, and finally said goodnight. He calmed down right at the hour mark. Bedtime there was no crying so I'm glad I didn't ever cave and let him control my feelings. I'm so proud/emotional about this moment. It was the last thing I wanted to do before Carson arrives--and it's done. We have a fun family moon trip planned next weekend and that will be a blast with our big boy!

I confess that this pregnant mama has been mildly obsessed with cookies. I have a weight I would really like to stay under before the baby arrives and I'm good right now, but if cookies keep finding their way into my mouth we may have an issue. You can find the recipe here--and the others I made were Almond Joy cookies. They seriously taste just like an Almond Joy. 

I confess that we got to see this cute face on Thursday night at Meet the Baby. I can't wait for this little one to join our family! Only 10 more weeks baby Carson. Bennett loved seeing him and said hi--I can't wait to see him interact with Carson. He is a lover of babies so it will be interesting. 

I confess being a toddler mom kinda makes you feel this way. I will say I have way more energy this time around--I'm thinking because I have a 2 year old to keep up with instead of sitting around watching movies and laying in the pool all summer long. 

I confess this guy got a haircut. He hated every minute of it. Literally. It's probably his 6th haircut and you would have thought it was his first. The whole experience was terrible. Luckily his aunt loves him a whole bunch and has a ton of patience with him. 


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