Friday, August 12, 2016

Finally Friday

I confess I am very happy when I dropped Bennett off and he was ready to say goodbye. It's a great feeling knowing your son feels safe where he is, especially on the first day of school. It was a great day, and he had a blast. He sat for his full morning meeting, story time, and even sat in the big chairs for snack and lunch. I'm so excited about all he will learn this year! 

I confess I was very productive when he went to school yesterday. I started monthly photo books for him when he was born, and well it kinda looks like we didn't have a child after 9 months. My goal while he is at school is to complete the photo books before the baby is born in December. I actually got 10, 11, and 12 months done. We're moving somewhere!

I confess that my hips hurt at 23 weeks. I swear this baby is way lower than Bennett ever was, but hey if that's the only thing that's wrong I'll go with it. 

(Look at that bump!)

I confess my boy turns 2 this weekend! We have a special weekend of bowling, birthday party, and a spaghetti dinner plan. I want to make this weekend so special for him--so here we go! 

Picture taken by Kristen Marie Photography

I confess I got maternity jeans from Gap for $.75. To be fair my mom picked them up for me when she was out one day. They just so happened to be  my size, and on super clearance at the only Gap in town. She picked me up a black pair as well which will be perfect for fall! If you are looking for jeans (although they won't be this cheap) go to Gap! 

What are you confessing this week? 


  1. My hips hurt so much worse with Caden. And nerve pain in my backside lol. I did a lot of on all fours stretching.

  2. Aw your son is so cute!! Got to you through the link up. Ps. .75 cents?? That's an awesome steal!! Have a great weekend :)


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