Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bennett--2 Years Old

Weight/Length: 30 lbs. 36.75"

DiapersSize 5 during the day and 6 at night 

Clothing: He's wearing 18/24 months in shorts, with some 2T shorts as well. He's just really long and lean so his waist is pretty skinny. All of his shirts are 2T. He wears size 7 shoe--my favorites for him right now are his See Kai Run shoes, Sperry's, and his Gap like Native shoes. 

Favorite Things: Cars, trucks, dinosaurs, sand table, construction trucks, legos 

Likesplaying with his legos, going on walks, jumping in puddles, playing in the sandbox at school, watching his favorite shows (Daniel Tiger and Mickey), and playing with all of his family members, swimming

Sleep: Bennett has been an amazing sleeper since about 10 months. He all of the sudden started sleeping through the night and never turned back. We lay him down about 8:00PM and he usually wakes around 7:30AM but I get him out of bed around 8:00AM. He naps from about 1:30-4, but it's slowly changing to a little bit shorter. I still put him in bed at 1, but it sometimes takes him a little while to fall asleep. 

Eating: This boy is seriously such an eater. I don't think I have ever run into an issue with him being picky--yet. He loves salad that's for sure and often asks for it when we are out to dinner. He loves going to Sweet Tomatoes and inhaling any and all veggies at the salad bar. I'm definitely not complaining!

Health: We had a long journey of ear infections this past year when he started school. Seriously, we're talking August-March full of ear infections. He finally got tubes put in and has been doing fine ever since he passed his last infection. 

Favorite Books:
His Sesame Street collection of books. We always have to read at least two before he goes to bed. He loves finding the hidden dog on each page. I just recently purchased a Look and Find book but he's still getting the hang of that one. 

Vacations: Atlanta (lots to visit hubs when he was working), Orlando, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Anna Maria, St. Augustine

Talking- He's a chatter box this little one is. He is talking in 3/4 word sentences, and copies anything you say. SO be careful. 
Swimming- We started swim classes a couple weeks ago and this boy is doing so amazing. He loves swimming anyways so the swim lessons just make it that much better. 
School- We started school at an amazing preschool 2 days a week, he stays for lunch and then comes home and naps. I enjoy the quiet time and I know I will love it when Carson arrives. 
Big boy bed- We randomly started him in a big boy bed when the air went out in his room, so we told him he would be sleeping upstairs and we haven't looked back. 

Mama Thoughts:
I can't believe my boy is already two. Although I may still call him my baby it won't be long until my baby is actually a big brother. We are cherishing these sweet moments with him before Carson gets here. He is such a lover and I know he will be a wonderful brother. I can't wait to see how much he grows this year. 


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