Friday, July 29, 2016

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday! I've had a fantastic week filled with tons of fun. Let's start the confessions because I have quite a few to make. 

I confess I am more then excited to leave this afternoon for a girls weekend. My hubs and Bennett get to have a special guys weekend--while I'm sipping a lemonade on the beach under a cabana. I'll take it. I chose a good book--and charged up my Kindle. Bring it on Bachelorette Party!

I confess I am in love with a lip gloss from Mac that is not sold in stores and only in those special packs. It's very disappointing. I need this in my life again. Does anyone know where you find lipgloss that may be a similar color? 


I confess I went shopping crazy on Gap the other day. It was 50% off of sale items--were talking I spent no more then $8 on one item (I bought way more than these 2 items). If you know me I love me some Gap, and this sale couldn't be passed!

I confess I also attacked a Pottery Barn sale--except I had to go to the actual store as the shipping was almost as much as I was getting off on the product. Crazy talk. But when I went to the store, I experienced something I have never experienced before...

I confess I inhaled cotton candy. Literally, it didn't last long. I'm a strong lover of cotton candy and the last time we went to see the Disney on Ice show the line was so long I passed on it. I was so upset the rest of the night weekend. It's an intense love, except this time I'm thinking my brewing baby is the one that is making me hungry for this. True Story.  

What are your plans for the weekend? 


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