Friday, August 7, 2015

Finally Friday!

I'm kind of in disbelief that it is August already! I love fall, and this season can't come fast enough. Next week I start unofficially at my new job and I am so excited to out and teaching again, for the perfect amount of time in a day. Now it's time to confess to you here we go!

I confess that I can't believe my little one turns one next Friday? Say what?! I remember this time last year I was in the hospital technically in labor, but noting was happening and I didn't want an epidural or pitocin so they sent me home. They told me I would probably have within the week. Well a week from that day my water broke. It was the most torturous week, I was miserable and sick and tired. In the end though, I got my baby. 

I confess this birthday party that is next week for our boy, I'm kinda not prepared. I have an idea of what's going on, but that cake that I should have ordered isn't ordered yet. Oh boy, here we go. We'll get it done, my plans always seem to come together even if its the last 5 minutes before it happens. ;) 

I confess I really would like to go shopping. Like I said earlier I love fall, and fall clothes and warm colors. One thing I want since El Nino will be bad this year...Hunter Boots. Oh yes, I will be getting some this year. These poppy clips are adorable and would look darling on them. 

I confess I need to find a new school planner. I know their is Erin Condren, but spending that kind of money on a school planner kind of makes my head hurt. I downloaded and got one bound the previous year from TPT, but not sure I have the time to do that this year. Any that I can buy and have shipped this week would be lovely. 

I confess that in a few months we will be going to DC just the two of us. I'm super excited since I have never been before. We chose the Washington Plaza Hotel after seeing it on the Travel Channel, I needed to stay there. Any must see places?  

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  1. Oh- we are going to have a "bad/cold" winter??!! Yay!! I was trying to convince hubby today that I NEED a pair of Joules boots. Looks like now I really do!

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