Friday, July 10, 2015

Finally Friday

It's Friday confession time again. I love confessing to you all every Friday. I'm not catholic, so I've never been to confessional...but I'm guessing this is what I would say if I were. ;) 

I confess this morning I went and waited in line for some Krispy Kreme donuts. All the while my hubby was getting ready with Bennett awake. I kinda half expected my sister to be watching him--she spent the night--or my hubs still in bed. He was actually waiting at the door, since it kinda took a while to get through the line. Oops, at least he had donuts to bring to work!

I confess that I have date night tonight with some friends, but have no idea where we are this should be fun. 

I confess that we have a pretty packed weekend, starting with a birthday party on Saturday. Bring it on! 

I confess that I could spend all day in the pool if Bennett would let me. It's so relaxing, and such a great way to cool off in this summer heat. The ice show at Busch Gardens isn't bad either. ;) 

I confess that this open letter hit the nail on the head. If you are a female person in general and have ever lost a best friend, this read is for you. It makes me want to text/call/email that friend and just say hey. 
Letter to My Former Best Friend
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