Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Favorite Things: Sippy Cups for All

If you live where it is hot in the I mean hot. You know that you must carry a water bottle on you at all times. I need to drink as much water as possible, or I get terrible headaches. I know when I haven't drank enough because by the end of the day,  my head feels as if it might burst. I've gotten used to taking one with me and having one for Bennett as well. When my hubby goes to his softball games he always takes about 64 oz of water with him. (That's more camel status to me, but hey more power to him to drink that much). These are the "sippy cups" I am loving right now. 

1. Bennett- Nuby cups

Just recently we started the Nuby cups. The Munchkin ones seem to be just a little small for my growing boy, and the 8 oz cup that Nuby offered is perfect! We use the sippy cup for his 11AM and 3PM milk, and he drinks a water/juice combo at lunch and dinner. We always bring his cup along anywhere we go so that he can keep hydrated in the summer heat. 

I wrote about this cup a few months ago right before I purchased it. It is by far my favorite cup for myself. I love that the fruit is contained in a little container so that I can easily switch the fruit out during the day, and I also love that it's glass. I do wish it stayed colder a lot longer but I think I would have to forgo the glass if I wanted insulated. Oh well, I just need to drink my water faster. ;) 

Nic brings about 64 oz of water with him to his softball games. I'm loving this water bottle for him since its insulated and holds all the water he drinks. This would also be great for the beach or Adventure Island so that we don't have to bring a huge cooler. 

4. Ours- Bottle Brush

I would say this is more my favorite, but hey...we all do dishes right? Have you ever tried to stick your had into a water bottle to wash it? It's impossible, you end up getting your fist stuck. I love water bottle cleaners, and this one has all the extra cleaning parts attached to it for you! 

What cups are you loving? 

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  1. I thought about trying the fruit infused water bottle. What kind of fruit do you like putting in there?

    Mandie ~

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