Friday, May 8, 2015

Finally Friday

This week was the longest, and I am so glad that it is finally the weekend. This week was super busy and it feels like Monday was a month ago. We have a lot going on this month, and this next week is jammed packed. Without further ado here are my confessions...

I confess that I tried searching like 20,000 consignment stores before just biting the bullet and buying Bennett new PJ's from Carters. 

I buy a lot of Bennett's clothes resell, and I don't even care that I am admitting that. I don't mind buying something nice brand new for pics or something, but buying a onesie brand new just can't be justified usually. I do buy him stuff from the Gap when I see a great deal, I just bought him 4 new 18-24 month onesies that were only $4 each. Could not pass that up. 

I confess that in March I had a mole removed, and never received a call so I figured all was good. 

Well I received certified mail today saying they tried calling and they need to biopsy more of the area. Say WHAT?! I guess I forgot to change my number when it got changed last year. Keep me in your prayers this week when I get it biopsied. 

I confess that I am excited for our vacation in a few weeks. 

We will finally get to see our family in Ohio, who we haven't seen since November. Bennett has changed a lot since then, so this will be a lot of fun for all of us! Any tips on flying with a 9 month old?

I confess I am pretty excited we have more company visiting. 

I love when people visiting, because I kinda like to be a tourist in my own backyard. Tomorrow we will venture out to Frenchy's in Clearwater, and just enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Frenchy's is right on the beach, and I want to get there early to get a patio seat! 

I confess I will have a 9 month old this next week!

This past week was 38 weeks, and it just insane to me that I carried him for 38 weeks and he has been out for 38 weeks. Be looking for a 9 month update on Thursday!

I confess that I felt like a kid again seeing Beauty and the Beast at The Straz Center. 

My inlaws got my husband and I tickets to see the show for an early Mother's Day gift. We were only 3 rows back, and I am pretty sure my eyes lit up like I was 5 years old again. Such a beautiful story!

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