Thursday, April 23, 2015

Favorite Things: His, Mine, and Bennett's

I can't really think of anything that is currently my husband's favorite item. He doesn't like coffee, he doesn't care what food I give him, he isn't pick on clothes...

If I had to pick one thing, it's either the tractor or the fact that his garage man cave will be built very soon! I am excited for him to have his own garage for all of his projects to be in one place, and my care to be in our garage.

Unfortunately, I do not have a link for this since they are all sold out. This is one of the items I purchased on Sunday when I went to Target for the launch flash sale of Lilly Pulitzer. I wasn't going to purchase this, but hey they had my size and it just sorta seemed like fate. I originally didn't purchase this because it looked super short, but when I saw in store I noticed it was definitely longer in person. Be on the lookout on my instagram page for a in real life picture. 

I originally purchased these to be used with the Infantino Squeeze Pouches. In a hurry one day, I grabbed one of the Happy Baby pouches from the pantry and one of these spoons and went..just hoping that the spoon would fit. Well, it did. These have made our lives just a little bit easier, since we do not have to pack bowls or large spoons; just throw these into a bag and head out! They have worked with every pouch I have tried, and people are always commenting how it is such a neat invention!
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