Thursday, March 19, 2015

That's What She Said: Reading

Reading a book and having a baby are two things that just don't go well together. Unless you are reading the latest Duck and Goose book, or reading the directions to put a toy just usually doesn't happen. Not going to work everyday to teach reading kinda makes you feel like you are losing your touch with reading...(side note: the kids challenged me to a triple digit multiplication problem, and I got it right...I guess I've still got that.) Basically reading a good book just isn't in my list of to dos, even though it should. I'm here to tell you there are other sources then just books when reading! Even though it's always nice to pick up a good book, at this time I just don't see that happening. Here are my top three ways of reading daily! 

1. theSkimm---

This is a email newsletter created in 2012 that sums up current events in a news format that is short, concise, and to the point. It comes to my inbox around 7:30AM every morning. Just in time for me to enjoy it during our breakfast. When signing up I was worried that it was going to be another spam time newsletter, I have not been spammed...just received the newsletter every morning. 

2. Feedly---

I really need to start using Bloglovin' but I have used feedly for so long it's kinda hard to change to something else. I love reading blogs and reading them on Feedly is fast and easy. During the day, whether I am sitting down for my coffee, to nurse Bennett, snuggle time, or bedtime... I always have the option to read something. 

3. Audiobooks---

Every morning Bennett has independent play time, during that time I put audiobooks on for him to listen to. He loves the lady that reads If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, as soon as it switches to a different book he fusses and wants to listen to it's pretty funny. Anyways, this is about my reading time. I really enjoy audiobooks when I am driving on road trips, cleaning the house, or falling asleep at night. A few years ago, my husband and I were driving to Ohio and listened to all of the Hunger Games during our trek up and down...and while there. I have many more but haven't taken the time to listen to them lately.  For a while I used audible for my books, and for Bennett's I like to get them from the library. 

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  1. What great suggestions and ways to get some words in, in the time you have! Cheers from!

  2. Thank you for sharing your top three go to places for reading. I am right there with you, that unfortunately reading a book for myself, is not a top priority. With twin 10 month old boys crawling around, we are CONSTANTLY reading.... just not the books I would choose to read to myself. I will have to look into these sites. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for joining Dean and I. XOXO

  3. Let's try this again, my comments aren't going through :(

    I totally understand how hard it is to find time to read when you're busy with a little one. I haven't been able to read as much as I'd like to. I have been reading Roald Dahl's works lately :) for the kiddos.
    I seriously should try an audiobook out.
    Thanks for sharing with us at #TWSS


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