Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Break SAHM edition

Spring break is completely different when you are a mom that doesn't teach anymore. It's kind of weird for everyone to be excited about spring break, and you actually kind of forgot that it was even that time of year. See...the nights/days/weeks/months/semesters kind of all blur into one, and one second it's Christmas the next it is Easter. 

I have had so much fun this past weekend and week just enjoying "my" spring break. I'm not sure if I have talked about them much, but I have 2 siblings (14 and 10) who actually get to celebrate spring my week so far has been devoted to hanging out with them and my mom who got to take off the past almost week. Here is my sorta wordless Wednesday. 

If you aren't going to feed me, I will just feed myself!

I think I will kick back and relax while mommy and daddy eat dinner!

Ball pit is ready for some fun!

You just can't walk out of Nordstrom Rack without spending something!

Starting our Love Dare Challenge!

Loving an apple from PDQ..or playing with it. 

Someone didn't want to fall asleep on Saturday night, so he enjoyed being up with daddy.

My first trip to Busch Gardens!

Dinner with Daddy before his game on Monday night!

Lunch at Cheddar's is always a win in my book!

I kinda can't believe that a year ago today we found out we were having a sweet boy!

My boy can't roll, but boy does he like standing!
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