Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seven Month Update

Weight/Length: Bennett really likes to make my life easy as far as remembering what he gains each month. We are on a consistent 1 lb. per month gain. 

Hair: He has some long hairs over his ears, and its pretty thick near the nape of his neck. It's still pretty light, definitely not as dark as when he was first born. These pictures are 1 month vs. 6.5 months. 

Diapers: Size 2 Honest Company and Medium Gdiapers--we are switching to threes this next week when they get delivered. The Medium gdiapers are here to stay for a while. I think it is 22 lbs they are good til! 

Clothing: 6-12 Months in Gap, Old Navy, and Gymboree. Except some random jeans that must have been sized wrong from the Gap and they finally fit him, all the others are their size are too small. 6-9 Months in Carters, 6 in PJS and 9 in onesies and rompers, etc. they look too tight and I have to pull them over any diaper we use. 

Favorite Things: Triangle toy, Scout, Smile Chair, Water Bottles

Likes: He likes screeching then laughs after he does it, sitting up, playing with bubbles, going backwards in his walker, standing at his leapfrog table, playing hide and seek, and exploring what food he has on his table

Dislikes: He doesn't like when he sees a toy he wants and can't get, or when he decides that he wants to get tangled up after being in the sitting position and moving to belly.

Eating: we started him on solids at 4.5 months and the boy hasn't looked back. I make all of his baby food, and sometimes when we are out either use the Happy Baby or Plum brand. He has tried A LOT of food now, and we gave him a few bites of yogurt the other day with his breakfast. We are working with him on the sippy cup and tilting it back to get the water out. I think we may try a cube of carrot juice to add a little taste to the water. It may take a little longer with the cup since he doesn't have bottles all that much, and when he does he is usually leaning back and drinking it.

Milestones: He is standing when holding on to things, sitting up by himself, gets up on all 4's (not moving forward or backward), first Busch Gardens Trip, 2 colds, and some random fever sickness

SleepingGenerally up 2 times at night, once around 6-7 hours after going to bed, then 3 hours later. He wakes around 7 every day. He did great with Daylight Savings Time and I don't even think he realized something changed! 

Mama Thoughts:

My little baby boy is 7 months already?! He is growing so fast, and is developing such a personality. I love the way he looks at all of his family members, and you can tell he is so excited that he gets to love on them so much! We are very blessed to live so close to everyone of them. I know the next 5 months are going to fly by, and I am going to cherish them even more so (if possible) then I did the past 7.
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  1. Aww, Bennet has the greatest smile! It really does go fast, doesn't it? My baby turned one two weeks ago and I still can't believe it! Have you tried straw cups yet? I started my son on straw cups around 7 months, and it's amazing how fast they catch on! I found starting with a cup that I could squeeze a bit to get the water to go up the straw helped immensely. :)

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