Friday, March 20, 2015

Finally Friday!

Let's cut to the chase. Friday will probably always be my favorite day. This weekend should be nice and relaxing, I don't have much planned but to get some stuff done around the house. I guess spring cleaning of sorts. 

1. I confess my boy is changing every day. 

Literally every day is something new. Today during swim class, he was watching one of his friends splash in the water. Once his friend stopped splashing Bennett began, and then would look back at the if looking for approval. 

This afternoon we were going to go on a walk, but it randomly started raining. So we ended up sitting on the porch and blowing bubbles. I was teaching him how to pop them. I would catch one on the wand and then say "pop" to pop the bubble I caught. 

2. I confess I can't stand skin checks.

My friend over at A Life of Love and Joy wrote about getting skin checks regularly. She kinda pushed me via her blog post to get mine. They ended up removing a mole on my belly that didn't look right. It does not feel good...but hey the place has a cappuccino machine and lollipops, and tvs in each room. I'll be coming back next year. 

3. I confess I got some stuff on J.Crew that I can't wait to share. 

I had been wanting a rash guard to wear to swim class, as I always fear Bennett will accidentally pull my top down if its too low cut. I go the cutest rash guard, and swim suit. They should be here this week!

4. I confess that I will miss my date night with hubby tomorrow. 

My hubby has been working a lot, so I am going out with my sister tomorrow night instead. I am voting Cinderella...her vote is Insurgent. She will probably win. 

5. I confess that I am living on the edge with my last pair of contacts. `

I am just waiting for my contacts to just get lost or something, and then I will be stuck calling the dr for a last minute appt. That's another dr I don't like. That whole blowing in my eye is unnecessary. 

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  1. Ha! I agree with the "blowing in the eye" part! Really! What does that mean? But, I agree that you are living on the edge with no back up contacts! Especially if you are as blind as I am!

  2. Oh god, I was living on the edge with my contact last weekend. I went out of town and totally forgot my glasses OR an extra pair of contacts.

  3. Never had a skin check but you are the 3rd person who has mentioned that lately. Guess I better get on it. Enjoy that changing baby... they grow up way too fast!

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