Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Favorite Things-Target

Alright, well this isn't exactly me...but I do love myself some Target shopping. Holly over at While I'm Waiting posted her favorite things from Target. I generally go on Monday's---everyday Target trips have stopped since Bennett was born. Grocery shopping is done first, and usually by the time grocery shopping is finished Bennett is asleep in the Tula so I have feel the need to keep walking so he takes a little bit of a nap. He really is such a good boy, and I usually never hear any complaining from him when carried around. Below are some of my favorite things from my recent Target trips!

1. Bread Pudding

Guys, this bread pudding is some good stuff, my favorite is by far the fudge brownie, but then again I haven't tried cookies and cream. It's found in the freezer section near the pies. GO RUN...just go now!

2. Clearance

I can NOT be the only one that has to check every clearance end cap there is to make sure I don't miss anything good that was put on clearance. At the Target near my house they have an end cap that is basically a catch all. Items include random shirts, socks, pens, baby items...you name it, it's over there. I found such great things this past summer when trying to walking Bennett out. 

3. Cleaning Supplies

I don't know if its because spring is almost here, or if I am turning over a new leaf. I just had to check out all of the natural cleaning supplies. Let's hope that I'm going to actually use the daily shower spray "daily" when I take my shower. 

4. C9 Yoga Pants

I love these pants! They are so comfy and wick away moisture as well as the next crop. For only $35, grab a few pair because you are going to love them!

5. Cartwheel

I literally have gotten everyone to use this app! I generally save at least $10 with cartwheel and the red card combined. That's a free shirt people. I think together over the year and a half I have used it I have save $165. I'm sure there are some of you that are way over that amount, but that's pretty good! 

What are some of your favorite Target finds? 

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  1. Oh how I LOVE target. I'm not typically allowed to shop there b/c i never leave in under $100. BUT I have a hair appt this morning and I fullly plan to do a quick run thru while I'm out.. WITHOUT kids! It's going to be a glorious morning!!
    Have a great day!

    1. Yeah we try to do only once a week...I would spend way too much money if I went there more! Enjoy your Target trip today!! :)

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