Thursday, January 22, 2015


People always told me "You can't schedule your life once a baby is born" I mean even before Bennett was born I was told I wouldn't be able to pick the date he was born on. I did. I wanted that boy born on August 14th so bad. It was mine and Nic's dating anniversary and the day he proposed. I had him on the 14th. Period. I planned it. Here is what a normal day looks like for myself and my 5 month old.

We started on a schedule around 4 weeks. I really tried to have a every day wake time, but really when you are a stay at home mom...LET THE BABY WAKE YOU, and just go from there! We practiced with wake times, and eventually were on a hour and a half wake, hour and a half sleep. It was bliss. Then 4 months hit. We forgot how to sleep.  Nap time was ruined, bedtime was ruined. He had forgotten everything he had learned about sleeping. He was still on a pretty nice schedule that worked with what we needed. 5 months was the huge turning point and that is why I have chosen 5 months to talk about. And also that's its fresh on my mommy brain!

7:00AM wake up-- or it might be 7:30, like I said don't wake a sleeping baby unless they have napped for a super long time. Just don't. When he wakes I change his diaper and nurse him.

--side note: I generally don't change his diaper in the middle of the night. (Honest diapers are great and I never have had a problem with leaks.) MOTN feedings are for quick here is milk, Goodnight. I generally don't even give a full feeding when he wakes as I want to go back to sleep.

7:30AM play time while mommy makes her breakfast and coffee and does any dishes in the sink. This is Bennett's independent play time. He loves mornings and has a blast with his toys while I am getting our food prepared.

8:00AM solids! We do 2 Tablespoons of Happy Bellies Oatmeal and 1 ice cube of a fruit, whatever one I feel like grabbing that day.

8:30AM clean up, read a book, sing, practice sitting up

9:00AM Nap time. I change his diaper, turn his music and fan on, kiss and say goodnight. It takes him anywhere between 5-15 minutes to fall asleep. I go in usually once and tell him it's night night time and replace paci.

Between 10-10:30AM He wakes, we play for a little and then I generally feed him around 10:30-11. We are working on getting on a 4 hour schedule. So, 11 AM is ideal.

11:15AM outside play time! Take a walk in the stroller, swing in the swing, play in bounce chair.

12:00PM play mat, bouncy chair, etc while I do some laundry or other house chores

12:30PM Nap time. Same routine.

2:15-2:30PM Wake, snuggle time, then nurse at 3:00PM

3:30PM play time, walk down to get mail, sing songs, anything to kill time til daddy gets home

4:30PM Dinner solids! 2 Tablespoons of Rice and 1 ice cube of vegetable with 1 ice cube of fruit.

5:00PM Watch me cook dinner, and wait for daddy to get home.

5:30PM Stroller ride with daddy

6:00PM Baby Einstein time!

Nap time is somewhere between 4-6PM sometimes no nap, sometimes a cat nap during einstein. We never know what he will want to do at that time.

7:00PM Bath, Nurse, Bed.

Obviously we have a different schedule on the days we have stroller strides, swim class, or My Gym. We always try to stay consistent with this and have a 2-3-4 schedule :)


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