Friday, July 11, 2014

50 Days to Go!?

I never thought 33 weeks would fly by like they have. It's hard to believe that in only 7ish weeks we will get to meet our little guy. Everything is moving so fast, and I know that these next few weeks are going to fly! I have my shower next weekend, which should be a blast as I finally get to share my room with everyone attending and with the Facebook world. I then have my friend's shower the next weekend, and my Junior League orientation. I decided to join the junior league this past year as a way to give back to the community, I am excited to start on this journey and meet lots of new people. The following weekend is a scavenger hunt with the junior league...just as a getting to know you type thing that they will be doing, as well as "cocktail party" (no drinks for this mama) that week with my group members. Then it will be almost time for baby to come, and I will finally get to put the car seat in the car (which I have been asking about every week). What can I say, I am really excited for him to just be in my arms...they don't get stretch marks. ;)

At 29 weeks my car was hit on our way to breastfeeding class. Luckily, we were on the way to the hospital so I just went straight to labor and delivery when we got there instead of our class. (Don't let this calmness fool ya, I was not calm by any means). I got in and they hooked me up to machines, and an IV and began taking all kinds of tests. I was starting to have contractions, and they were then deciding if I needed to stay for a 24 hour watch. I then went to have my sonogram. Very unexpected to have another, but exciting as we got to see how our little man was doing. We actually saw he was doing really well, and weighed in at the top of his range at 3lbs 9oz. (Yes, I know these can be incorrect at times...but it falls right in line with what they were thinking and where my siblings and Nic weighed when we were born.) I ended up staying over night, and contractions finally stopped around midnight with no medication but fluids. I went the next day to my regular dr, as it was a scheduled appt, and she said we would be checking again in 4 weeks for growth. Well our 4 weeks is up and.....our boy is 5lbs. 10 oz with a perfect 37 week head. WOAH! Baby boy must love the food I am eating. We probably won't be doing another growth as long as we thing he is keeping on his 1/2 lb a week track, which he seems to be doing just fine with that. We are so excited to meet him, and can't wait to share our boy-boy with you. 

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