Friday, May 18, 2018

Hood Calorie Countdown Cook Off

Growing up I always pretended I was talking to a crowd when I cooked, I loved helping my mom in the kitchen and cooking for my baby dolls. When I went to high school, I took culinary and hospitality all four years. After graduating, I went to UCF to major in event management with a minor in culinary. I ended up changing my major to education, however, I love cooking and love having dinner parties where I can show off all my new recipes. 

I was invited this month to participate in a cook off with Hood Calorie Countdown. I have used their milk in previous recipes on the blog here and here, but a cook off was something new! I went back and forth about what to make, going from biscuits and gravy to a favorite of mine cauliflower alfredo. I ended up settling on something completely different, but was a sure winner in my family--Coconut Pudding. I used Hood Calorie Countdown whole milk in my recipe to take out some of the calories, but still have all the yum factor. 

Hood has always had great products for the family, and Calorie Countdown is definitely one of them! I love that I'm only purchasing one dairy beverage for the whole family and cutting calories, but none of the nutrients we all need. Hood Calorie Countdown is creamy and has a delicious taste, and keeps the kiddos coming back for more.

Hood Calorie Countdown is a ultra filtered dairy beverage that is offered in Whole, 2%, Fat Free, and Chocolate--there is even an option for 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate. It contains 42% less calories, 75% less sugar, and 67% fewer carbs. The milk comes from farmers who have pledged not to use artificial growth hormones, this is something I try and search for when I am buying food items for my family. 

I decided on Coconut Pudding because of its light taste, and the quick summer months approaching. It went perfectly with cut up fruit and some fresh made granola. I used the Hood Calorie Countdown whole milk to substitute for the whole milk, and added that with coconut milk. I had originally used coconut sugar, but like the look of the white sugar. However, if I made it for myself to enjoy--I would add back in the coconut sugar. This was a quick dessert that I would definitely make for a summer bbq or just a family dinner. 

What would you use Hood Calorie Countdown in?


  1. The coconut pudding should be good.

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