Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gift Guide for Him

One thing I love about holidays is picking out gifts for my husband. Big or small they are all on my radar. I never have a difficult time--and really any time I see something at the store I know he would love, I jot it down to give as a gift sometime throughout the year. So many of these items I have bought for gifts, and if not they will most likely be given sometime this year.  This is a gift guide that will be very useful when you are looking for the perfect gift for the guy in your life. Check out my other gift guides for him here and here

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Gingham Button Down// This is one thing I always throw in as a little extra  gift. I typically pick up the button downs when they are on super sale on either Gap or Jcrew--it's always a plus if they are the no-iron shirts. 

Beard Trimmer// Last year when my husband's trimmer died, I picked him this Philips one up. I loved that it had a few different attachments, and my all time favorite thing was the little vacuum it has inside of it so you have less of a mess to clean up. 

Water Bottle// Last year we switched over to a water delivery service instead of buying (and wasting) water bottles every time we went to the store. When we switched over, we all got new water bottles--I actually picked up this one and a 64 oz for my husband. He filled up both and pours it into the smaller at work. These HydroFlask bottles keep your drink cold for so long! 
Laptop Case// I'm pretty sure when this laptop case bites the dust he will purchase the same one again. He loved that it came with a separate smaller laptop case (he has two work computers), and the larger one actually fits under the seat in front of him when he flies. This case is much more rugged then others he has had and should last forever. 

Google Chromecast// I received one of these from Google at Christmas and I finally just plugged it in. It's amazing the stuff that you can do with this little gadget. I actually am going to be sharing soon what my favorite Chromecast apps are. 

Stainless Steel Soap// My husband is a car lover which means he spends lots of hours with his hands in grease. Meaning that when he comes in he smells and it takes him a good 20 minutes to wash up. This soap though, is a must--and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be buying some for my kitchen when I can't get that garlic smell off! 
Alexa// Speaking of the garage. Did you know that if you have multiple Alexas you can drop in as if it were a intercom system. This is going to make it amazing for when he is in the garage and I need to tell him something. He actually has his Alexa connected to external surround sound so there is no reason not to hear me--right? 
Charging Station//I have a nice charging station inside of my nightstand. His? All over. I'm pretty sure there are at least 5 cords on his nightstand. This will be his Valentines Gift. Can you say goodbye cords? 
Art of Shaving Starter Kit// If you've seen my husband lately he clearly hasn't used the above beard trimmer in probably 6 months. He however will be--soon, and this is definitely on his Valentines list for when he finally does! 
Penny Loafer// Ok, we have all heard of Sperry, but what about Gold Cup Sperry? The comfort in these shoes are absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure he will never purchase a different Sperry. 


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