Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Organize Children's Masterpieces

As a teacher I was all about "recycling" scribbled on paper. Now as a mom, I see a masterpiece out of scribbles and circles.

I have stacks of what I consider artwork--I can not get myself to throw it out. It's bad ya'll. Recently, I figured I had to do something with all of the work and that the piles that were accumulating just weren't cute or allowing me to enjoy the artwork that my littles were creating. With the school year ending, I have come up with some ideas to help you organize your kiddos work and declutter! Cause I am sure if you are anything like me--that painting of a heart is just too cute to throw away. 

Online Gallery

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Online galleries are perfect for when you want to share artwork with family and friends. You can use something as simple as flickr or another option which I love is Artsonia. This online gallery allows you to upload a piece of artwork and share in a gallery for each child. You can then order gifts with the artwork that was created. 

Declutter, Organize, Artsonia App

Although you can upload straight from your computer, I find it easier to use on my phone. It's as simple as downloading the Artsonia taking a picture and uploading to the corresponding gallery. You can then share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or just share a direct link to the artwork. Seriously grandparents love this stuff--They basically live for it. 

Photo Books

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There are some awesome deals on Shutterfly and even better deals on the Shutterfly app. I am in a Facebook group devoted to getting deals on Shutterfly purchases. In our house we use photo books as our family year books, and for the boys baby books. We even used one for our guest book. I love using the photo books in addition to the online gallery so I can have it in print as well. I print one book a year with all of the artwork from that school year. It turns out wonderful, and they love looking at their artwork from previous years. 

With the school year ending--use this link to get a free photobook and get rid of the clutter masterpieces your child created and create a photobook that will last a lifetime.

Framin' It
Collage, Shutterfly Collage, Free Shutterfly Book

OK I actually do keep a couple pieces though. But not in the sense where I am storing them on top of my refrigerator. I actually use the pictures to create a collage to be framed. I then hang up the framed collage in the corresponding season. Think reindeer art during Christmas. These collages go in the boys playroom where they can admire there work. It's a fun way to decorate for the season, and I really do enjoy looking back at the adorable stuff that was made. 

If you are really in love with something that your child made, frame it and display in their room or playroom. 

Do you have any fun ways of organizing your kiddos work? 


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