Sunday, February 5, 2017

Carson: 1 Month and Our Favorites

I am in disbelief that my baby is already one month. I am cherishing this newborn stage though-- every cry, snuggle, and kiss he needs. 

Carson Newborn Pictures Kristen Marie Photography Tampa

I actually had this written before he even turned 1 month, but I really wanted my birth post posted first. Type A problems. If I can say anything about this month, is that it has been a wonderful one. I truly feel like my family is complete and that makes me so extremely happy. I am so blessed with two wonderful boys and I can't wait to watch them grow up together. 

Baby One Month Pictures First Month

Weight: 9 lbs. 10 oz. 

Height: 23.25"

I'm amazed at the weight he gained this month. He actually gained the same amount as Bennett did his first month--about 28 oz, however, we had to force feed Bennett at one point until he finally understood he needed to eat more. This time nursing is second nature to me, and both of us our doing amazing at it. Thank God! 

Hair: Dark, Dark. 

Eyes: They actually look like they are getting lighter, but I'd say they are still brown. 

Diapers: Size 1 and Small G-Diapers

Clothing: 0-3 Months Gap and Gymboree and 3 Months Carters

Sleeping Swaddled Baby

Sleeping: Naturally he naps basically all day. He sleeps about one 5/6 hour stretch at night and then another 3. I'm loving the sleep. I feed him right before I go to sleep and he makes it to about 3:30--once, I had to wake him because it was 4 and he was still sleeping! 

Eating: Nurses about every 2.5/3 hours and eats about 3 oz each time. His first feeding in the morning is almost 4 oz.

Christmas Tree Siblings

Family: Big brother Bennett is in love. He loves giving Carson kisses and hugs, and has to continually check on him when he is sleeping. Carson adores him and just staring at him when he is playing. Hubs went on his first business trip this month but luckily I had my MIL stay with me to help out with bedtime routine. 

Myself?: I'm surviving. I'm amazed at the energy I have, and how I have healed this time around. I guess there is no time to sit around when you have a toddler and a newborn. We have ventured out to Target, the mall, and had our first dinner at Bob Evans. I'm not the type to sit around, so you will definitely see us out and about. 

First Month Favorites

1. Windi- This thing sounds so weird, and really I didn't purchase until one night when my little guy was screaming in pain. I hopped on Amazon and bought it. I promise you if your little one has to pass some gas--this is your go to! 

2. Nuby Paci Finder- This adorable little creature snaps on to almost any pacifier you have and it helps a ton with it not falling out of your littles mouth. This saved us many screaming fests, and reminds me of the adorable wubbanubs that my babes won't take. 

3. Mam Bottles and Pacifiers- Bennett took a Mam pacifier and it really helped him soothe himself. Now my little guy Carson is taking the Mam pacifier--we also started using these bottles after he gagged on the Dr. Browns a few times. He loves these bottles though, so I'm pretty sure these are a win!

4. Carters Pajamas-First of all I'm pretty sure that Carters makes the softest clothes for all little ones. These pajamas are perfect for those first weeks home, keeping your little babe warm (this helps them sleep). 

5. SwaddleMe Swaddles- It's crazy how each child is so different. Bennett never crawled out of his swaddle. Carson can break out of it before you say goodnight. These velcro ones keep him all snug (even though he does sneak his hands out the bottom.) 

6. Rock N Play- Ok, well I didn't plan on putting Carson in this to sleep at night...but I ended up with another boy who loves to spit up. This helped him sleep and in the end helped me at the same time. 


  1. he is so darling :) I love it.. I can't wait to hold my baby boy

  2. I just found your blog from the Mommy & Me Mondays linkup. Your little Carson is an absolute angel! I'm expecting my 2nd in July and I hope my 2-year-old falls into the big brother role as well as it sounds like your big guy has.


  3. Your little guy is adorable! We're getting ready to expect our second. Hoping it's an easier transition than the first, but it looks like you're sharing some light at the end of the tunnel!! :) I'm the same way. I can't just sit around :) {visiting from mommy & me}

  4. Looks like our little guys are close to the same age! Your favorites are some of our favorites too!

  5. What an absolute cutie! You have such a precious family!!

    x Kate

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