Thursday, October 13, 2016

What's in My Toddler Bag?

Although I have another little one joining our family in the next 8 weeks, I wanted to share what my Toddler "Undie" Bag. Since writing my posts about potty training I have had a couple questions about packing an extra set of clothes, what do the wet clothes go in, etc. 

I have this adorable bag that I literally bring with me everywhere. It's great for swim days cause it's cotton and dries quick when I throw a towel and wet swim suits in the bottom. Plus--Mother of Wildlings accurately depicts what my life is like, even if one Wildling is still in utero. 

Undies--Coco and Kiwi Toddler Training Pants 

One of the most important things in a potty trained(ing) child is the undies. My son is one of the kids that if he gets a splash on his undies they are now "all wet". Not like I'd make him sit in them, but sometimes I can't even find where they are wet. These Coco and Kiwi undies are perfect for when you are out and about and don't want to end up with a puddle of liquid in the middle of Target. They protect against the major accidents by incorporating a triple layer of absorbent bamboo. Until we are completely out of the accident zone these are the undies I pack as an extra! 

Wipes--Huggies Simply Clean

Ok you know that adorable tush that you've had to wipe for the last 2/3 years--well it's not used to toilet paper. I'm not even entirely sure when it gets used to toilet paper, but to help the adjustment of potty training I just still bring wipes with me. 

Change of Clothes-- Ralph Lauren Cotton Shorts

You want something easy to take down, that means no zipper or buttons. These are great shorts and you don't lose the style. 

Hand Sanitizer-- Purel Hand Sanitizer

Because your Wildling will think everything in the bathroom needs touched. They don't see what you see--just bring the sanitizer. 

Snack Cup-- Nuby Snack Cup

Toddlers are always hungry. Period. Check out my previous post here

Insulated Water Cup-- Nuby Insulated Active Sipeez

We live in Florida, we need cold water at all times. Check out my previous post here

Wet Bag-- Skip Hop Wet/Dry Bag
We have had a wet bag forever since we also used to cloth diaper. They are a wonderful invention that allows you to throw it in your bag without getting everything else wet and stinky on your drive home. 

Wallet/Keys-- Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

I have a wallet that I use in my purse when I go out and about without my wild little man, but I love this Zip ID Case that I can easily throw the necessary cards/cash and be on my way. 

Phone-- Caseology iPhone7 Case

*Some of these items were received in exchange for a 100% honest opinion from me. I only choose to work with companies I believe in and value. This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 


  1. Love the wet bag idea. We usually just bring a plastic bag, so I'll have to check into that!

  2. I want to check out that snack cup and water cup for the girls!

  3. That sounds like my bag :) My daughter is potty trained/training.

  4. I am taking notes for when my little guy gets a little older! Lots of great ideas here.

  5. This is so so helpful, thank you! My baby is only 6 months but this will come in handy shortly! Pinning it now!!

  6. Seems almost identical to my bag!


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