Friday, October 14, 2016

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday, and if you've been following along on my Instagram and Instastories you can see that we had a crazy week. I kinda can't believe that the days are flying by, and that in 8 short weeks are little Carson will be here. I got a little done today, and have this goal of getting all Christmas shopping done and tree up by November 1st. I want everything wrapped and ready to go, I want to enjoy my December and not be running around like a mad woman, even if that means putting up the tree way before I usually like to have it up. This is just the beginning of my confessions--

I confess I love the monthly boxes that are all the rage right now. They are so much fun, and there is a box for everyone. Recently, I received a box from Pampered Mommy. With a busy life of a mommy, we all deserve to be pampered every once in a while. While we often get wrapped up in life stuff, Pampered Mommy takes care of the pampering by sending you a box of 5-7 items that were picked out just for you. In every box, you can expect a variety of bath and beauty mommy gift to arrive at your door and arrive mid month. Seriously, if you are looking for a box devoted just for moms this is a great one--think baby shower gifts!

I confess this mama is tired. It has been a long time since Bennett has been sick, and I will tell you I did not miss it. I have lost sleep at night because he will wake up coughing and coughing. We ended up going to the doctor on Monday night because he spiked a 103.7 temp--and this mama knew it had to be strep. Oh, did I mention I called the wrong office and showed up at the wrong office. The doctor was such a nice man and saw us even though they were closed and nurses were going home. It was 9PM. 

I confess that I am loving the updates on our house and being only a half-mile away from all the action. Trusses come this weekend, which will be an awesome next step. We then will go on to shingles, windows, and siding. 

I confess I have a baby sprinkle coming up next weekend, and I am pretty excited about it. I've registered for a few simple things--think pacis, bottle nipples, etc. I am really just excited to get everyone together, I love fall parties to celebrate anything. 

Weeks: 32 Weeks.

Official Due Date: December 9th. 

Trimester: Third, almost there!

Gender: Sweet bundle of boy joy.

Name: Carson Lee

Baby's Size: We actually haven't had a sono since week 20, but if we predict how much he is weighing based on that we are around 4.5 lbs. That's honestly a pure guess, but that's what Bennett weight around this time as well. 

Cravings: I really don't have any crazy cravings. I do love ice cream, candy, and everything that is terribly not good for me--and makes me put on the weight. 

How I'm Feeling: Large. I keep waiting for this baby to be high up, and he is currently still really low. I feel feet in my hips, instead of my ribs which is crazy weird to me. It's kind of difficult to bend over, but I have way more energy then when I was pregnant with Bennett. We actually went on a walk earlier this week when it was super nice out, it was nice to get out and walk--but ya'll I was sore the rest of the day. The struggle. 

Movement: Definitely mornings are his favorite. Bennett loved evenings--so it's kind of a lot to get him to be active so hubs can feel him kick at night. Yesterday, Bennett got to feel him kick and it was such a special moment. He was definitely surprised.  


  1. Before our December baby was due, we decorated for Christmas mid-November too! Our little nugget arrived a week early (Dec 3rd) and I was so grateful that everything was done. I feel ya' there.
    PS. You're looking awesome! Have fun at your sprinkle.

    1. I am really excited to just get it done--my first was early, but I hear that has nothing to do with births that follow. I just want to be ready!

  2. Hello from fellow Tampa girl:) Your bump is adorable! Have a great weekend. gg

  3. Your bump is SO cute! My first was due dec 14 and she surprised us and came nov 30! I always say she just wanted to share a birthday month with me :) hope the last haul is enjoyable for you! Xoxo

    1. I'm hoping for the last day of November--so we shall see! :)

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