Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bath Time Favorites

Bath time is a must in our house--not just because I have a boy, but because my son demands tells us we have to do it before bed. Even when he was just a few weeks old we gave a bath every night, it just allowed him to calm down and know that it was bedtime. In the first 6 months of his life we used the Puj tub, which I kept because it's amazing and they can take a bath right in the sink of the bathroom. We then transitioned into a couple different options, before just letting him sit in the tub. Recently we painted our upstairs bathroom, and quickly fixed it up when Bennett moved upstairs to the big boy bed. We didn't want to do anything drastic since we would be moving, so some fresh paint, new shower curtain, and some art hung on the wall made it perfectly acceptable for our sweet 2 year old. I have picked five bath time favorites--and although I can pick tons more I'll stick with these five.

Oxo Tot Bath Tub Stopper- We had the typical drain stopper that comes with your tub. The problem? Every time Bennett would kick it, the whole thing would slip right out. I needed to find one that was bigger and that's where the Oxo Tot Stopper comes in. It blocks a huge area and doesn't allow water to escape even when budged. It's small and doesn't stick out very far, and has an awesome suction cup on one end that allows it to be suctioned to the bath tub. I definitely recommend if you are in need of one for your little one's bath time. 

Puj Bath Treads- We started out with the plastic bath mat, but every time I went to clean the tub the nastiness under it kinda grossed me out. That's where these treads come in. After cleaning the tub and wiping it with alcohol I pressed the treads down to the bath tub and they stick--there is no moving going on here and no nasty bacteria growing under them. I have not noticed my son slipping either which was a big question in my mind when I saw them. 

Raise Them Well Shampoo- I'm a huge fan of chemical free shampoo, with a sister who works as a hair stylist she is super picky about what we use on our hair. This shampoo right here smells amazing, and does not have any nasties inside that are potentially harmful to you or the little one using it. I also have their baby belly balm and zinc oxide which I plan on making some diaper cream with. 

Nuby Hot Safe Duck- I seriously have had like 4 ducks that are supposed to tell me how hot the temperature is, they have all had batteries and ended up dying. It frustrates me to no end. So when I saw that this duck has a heat sensitive bottom that doesn't require any batteries, I had to have it. The bottom says hot in white letters when the water is too hot--super easy to read and very convenient. Plus what child doesn't love a rubber ducky in their tub? Another plus--there are no holes for water to get in for mildew to form inside. 

Nuby Easy Clean Bath Time Crayons- OK, a long time ago--when my brother was a toddler, they came out with crayons for the tub. The crayons we had did not come off the tub, so you better like what ever art was drawn because it was there to stay. When I saw these I was super hesitant to try them because this 30 week belly wasn't about to scrub the tub. Let me tell you this was the easiest clean up from any crafty thing we have ever used. To clean take a wet washcloth and wipe--that's it. It even accidentally got on our painted wall and came out right away. I was amazed and will definitely be getting more for a Christmas stocking. 

*Some of these items were received in exchange for a 100% honest opinion from me. I only choose to work with companies I believe in and value.


  1. I need to pick up the bath crayons! Great ideas!

  2. Yup, I'm thirty-five but I pretty much want all this stuff for my bath time. Ha!

  3. This is a sweet roundup of a fun time with kids. It won't last forever even though it seem like it will. Enjoy this time for sure!
    The How-to Guru

  4. My boys are the same way, they LOVE their bath time! We've never done bath crayons yet (up until this point my youngest would have been more interested in eating them than anything else) but we just may have to try them now :)

  5. I'm definitely a fan of chemical free shampoo, but I've never tried that one before! Definitely going to check it out. I love having a bath a part of our nighttime routine and definitely think it helps our daughter calm down for the night.

    1. It definitely helps calm down for the night--I even like my bath at night!

  6. Bath toys and activities are the best!! Love your roundup!


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