Friday, September 9, 2016

Finally Friday

It's my favorite time of the week--confession time! We have had a full week of fun visiting family in Ohio and now we are finally back home. I am excited to get some normalcy back into my life. I can't be gone for that long, it just messes me up. Now that I am back in my humble abode I am a much happier camper. We got back just in time for Bennett to go to his Thursday class, and I relaxed unpacked all of our bags. I didn't want to, but hey I couldn't just sit there with them staring at me. 

I confess we had some gorgeous pictures taken when in Ohio. We actually were down near Cincinnati for the weekend and I looked up a photographer down there--change up the scenery as well as stay away from the evil which are called mosquitos. The lovely Lauren Day Photography took these two pics--we are in love. 

I confess I can't believe I am 27 weeks pregnant today, 13 weeks left ya'll. I can't even with that. Luckily we aren't doing much to the room since we are moving sometime next year--so that's all finished. 

I confess I bought something that makes life easier...are you ready? A Braava iRobot mop. Best invention ever. I definitely ran both my Roomba and the Braava while I was doing the dishes, making cookies, giving a bath, and putting Bennett to bed. This was seriously the best money ever spent. 

I confess I saw somewhere the other day how many days until each holiday. Kinda got me all excited but at the same time nervous as our sweet bundle will be here by the very last holiday--Christmas. I am so excited to have a special present this year to celebrate with us. 

I confess I traveled alone with Bennett on the way home yesterday and he was seriously an angel. He was without a nap, and still just sat on the flight with his iPad, playdough, and snacks. I sat there reading my book--it was bliss. Pure bliss. 
Buttermilk Pumpkin Bread


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