Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall for Jord Watches--Review and Giveaway!

I have always loved wearing watches, I have 3--all different colors and brands. When I came across Jord, I was intrigued. Wood watches for women--how unique, different, beautiful. Jord gave me the option of choosing between three different colors, but this Dark Sandalwood screamed fall and I instantly fell in love. After a few quick measurements with the printable tape measure, I was able to get the perfect watch sent to me in just a few short days. 

Pants- Gap Maternity Shirt-Umgee Shoes- Jcrew (no longer available)

Being pregnant with a sweet little guy due in December my closet is lacking a little bit this year in the gorgeous stuff I usually purchase come fall. Instead, this year I am all about taking practical pieces and making them work with accessories such as the Jord Watch. Below, I have paired some of my favorite things together to create a perfect fall look with the Jord Dark Sandalwood Watch.

Bracelets- Bourbon and Boweties and Mantra Band

Shirt- Jcrew Scarf- Jcrew

Pants- Gap Tunic- Pinkblush Necklace- Altar'd State

Jord watches is offering one lucky reader a $75 credit on any unique watch of their choice. Anyone who enters will receive a $20 e-credit via email towards their purchase. The ending date for this giveaway is September 11th, 2016.

Check out all of the women's watches here, which one will you choose?
unique watch

*This item was received in exchange for a 100% honest opinion from me. I only choose to work with companies I believe in and value.


  1. I love these watches, especially the ones made from darker wood.

  2. I love the name Carson! We are pregnant with our 5th kiddo and that's a definite maybe on our boys name list! Glad I found your blog : )

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