Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ten Months!

10 months?! We are no longer in single digits ya'll. Turning 10 is always such a big birthday, I kinda am thinking that about this "month" birthday. Only 2 more months until he turns 1...just way too much to handle!

Weight/Length: 20 lbs 3 oz, not sure of height but 2 weeks ago he was 29 1/2 inches

HairWe are thinking like a dirty blonde, but it's hard to tell since we are outside so just keeps getting lighter. I guess he's like his mama in that way! 

DiapersSize 3 and Medium Gdiapers

Clothing: 12-18 Months in Gap, Old Navy, and Gymboree. 12 months in Carters. My hubby thinks his PJs fit like under armour, but hey we like them that way!

Favorite Things: Elmo, Basketball or Baseball toy, Walker, books

Likes: playing in water, playing with friends, going outside, eating, walks

Eating: He now basically eats anything, with a few centimeters of tooth poking up this doesn't stop him. He chews his food great, and is able to feed himself majority of finger foods. The first few days of him feeding himself he fisted his food...he soon learned (with much practice) that he has to pincer his food. 

For his bottles during the day he is learning to take them from a sippy cup, some days he refuses and I just put it in a bottle. Not worth fighting over. 


  • Says mama, dada
  • Bear Crawls--fast
  • Walks with our hands
  • Scales furniture
  • Stands and sits at anything he can reach--door,dishwasher,sofa
  • Waves hi and bye
  • Points at things--he reminds us ET
  • Understands lots of words, especially no--and doesn't like when you say it and he wants to do something
  • Feeds self
  • Loves to Dance

Sleeping: He sleeps all night, and then from 9-10:30 and again from 1:30-3:00. He is so good at putting himself to sleep. He recently learned that he can stand up and crawl around his bed, and generally does that for about 10-15 minutes unless he is super tired. A few nights he has sat up in bed and just looked around, we had to go lay him back down. It's something new he has learned, and now he just has to learn to lay down. 

Mama Thoughts:

While filling out Bennett's baby book, I couldn't believe everything he has learned in only one month. It's easy to forget everything and I am really happy that once a month I sit down to fill it out quickly--even if I do guess at some of the approximate dates. He is such a sweet boy and I know we are so blessed! This month and next I am going to start planning for his birthday party. I have a few themes in mind, but one that is definitely my favorite! Be on the lookout for some DIY projects coming up!

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