Friday, June 12, 2015

My Life is a Journey, and I Love Living It

It seems like so long ago that I started this blog...actually it was. I started this blog when I had just gotten my job as a preschool teacher. I spent that entire summer preparing for my preschool classroom, only to walk in and have parents shocked that I was in place of another teacher that they assumed would be there. Some parents welcomed me with open arms after a few weeks, but others I had to work on for months. 

August 2012--

On the second day of pre-planning I got engaged to my best friend on my anniversary. 

May 2013--

A year later, I packed up my classroom and moved upstairs to 3rd grade

June 2013--

I got married.
August 2013--

I started teaching 3rd grade. I felt a little more comfortable this time, and was excited for what the year was going to hold. Not knowing, that this year would be full of ups and downs...and lots and lots of sickness. 

September 2013--

Four weeks into the school year I found out I was pregnant, 2 weeks later I miscarried

December 2013--

Three months later I got pregnant, and suffered so much morning sickness and headaches it made the last few months unbearable...but I like to remind myself that by the Grace of God, and some wonderful teachers...I made it. 

May 2014--

I packed up my classroom. Said see ya later to my days of teaching little ones, as my little one would be my priority the next year. 

June 2014--

Celebrated my one year anniversary

August 2014--

Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy--on the day I had chosen back in December, no I was not induced...I'm just sort of a planner. ;) 
Here I am, not sure of what the future holds. I've been talking lately about going back to work part time...I really miss preschool and teaching little ones and watching them grow. We will see what this next year or so holds, but I am excited. My life is a journey, and I love living it!
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  1. It looks like you've had a wonderful and full year! It's amazing what can happen in 365 days!

  2. How fun to look back at all that happened! One of the best parts of blogging :-)


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