Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts: Paper Source

Our local "Mommy Group", The Mommy Spot, featured our new Paper Source the other day on an awesome app called Periscope. This awesome app allows you to host live from wherever you are, and alerts the person watching when they go live. I think it's a great app that we are going to hear more about. Anyways, when I went yesterday afternoon to Hyde Park to go to the splash pad, I couldn't help but stop in to take a look at the beauty of it all. Literally, craft paper for days...Love it! Below are 5 last minute Father's Day gifts for the dads in your life!

A cute little book to write notes to your dad, who doesn't love hand written notes? 

How great is this cord? It has the popular charging ports all on one end, with an extra long cable! I know I would even love this!

For the dads that don't wear ties everyday this is for them! I'm telling you this is a winner!

I loved this mug, and who can ever have enough mugs? It reminded me of the popular "Mama Bear" shirt that I've seen all over instagram accounts!

Last, but definitely not least the someecards gifts! I could have sat there all day long filling out the adult mad lib cards. So many options! 

If you have a Paper Source, stop in this weekend and check out the array of Father's Day Gifts. They also have an awesome website with tons of gifts. Have fun shopping for the dads in your life!
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