Thursday, June 18, 2015

Favorite Things: Pandora

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I love listening to music, if you come to my house at any given time there will probably be music on in at least 1 of the rooms in my house. It's nice that we are able to stream it from our smart tv, blueray player, or our Apple TV. I do pay for Pandora One, but am only paying $3.99 a month. I have paid since I was teaching third grade, because a random Burger King commercial during a test makes for a lot of laughter. In the end I save a ton of money because the variety of music I listen to is great, and who wants to get up and change albums all the time? Pandora does that work for me!

I love the Laurie Berkner station because those songs on there are so catchy and not your typical Nursery Rhyme songs. Barney was chosen over Sesame Street because I have no idea what any of the songs are on Sesame Street, and Barney songs are the typical Nursery Rhyme songs. Baby Einstein has some great songs on it, as does Veggie Tales...either of these stations will have the same type of songs on them. Which ever you choose generally has more of that artist. The final choice is Rockabye Baby, this is one Artist that I do have A LOT of downloaded tracks from my time teaching preschool. I use this for when we are driving and Bennett's need to calm down, or if we are visiting someone and need some on the go lullaby music. 

Covenant Worship is one of my all time favorite worship groups,  I generally play them in the living room in the morning when Bennett is in his playroom. I love starting my day with them! For when I am feeling a throwback, *NSync is thrown on. My other go to stations are Today's Hits and Maroon 5, both have completely different music on them. For the evening, or anytime we have guests over you can't go wrong with Michael Buble

Those are my favorite stations, what are some of yours? 

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  1. Hi! Visiting from Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I love Laurie Berkner (and now I'm singing "We are the Dinosaurs, marching, marching" in my head) and I'm not sure if they're on Pandora (because I don't use it - *gasp* I know) but we love the Go Fish Guys too! Have a great day!

  2. Love rockabye baby so much! It way better than hearing the same nursery rhymes over and over again lol!

  3. Listening to whorship music is a fabulous way to start the day off right! I like to do that as well!

  4. Pandora is such a lifesaver. I love it for background noise when I play with my little one, he loves to listen to music and dance. I also love the today's hits and today's alternative stations when it's just me listening to it. When I was going to school I listened the "intro by xx" radio on pandora and it was great because it was all just good beats and no words so it was great to listen to while doing homework.

  5. I love Pandora! An absolute favorite here. I like Veggie Tales and The B-I-B-L-E stations for my daughter. The 2nd one has some decent grown up worship songs as well. I mostly listen to the George Strait station. I love 80s and 90s country, George being my favorite. Hilariously, my daughter now sings some of the songs from that station too. Audio Adrenaline is my favorite "throw back" station. It plays a lot of the Christian rock I used to listen to in high school. There doesn't seem to really be any Christian rock stations anymore. All the local Christian stations play is worship. New fad maybe?

    (visiting from the This is How We Roll link-up)

  6. Every morning: Dolly Parton radio- my daughter's favorite. Isn't that funny? We also like Children's Indie radio and the 90s Pop Station. My personal favorite is the William Fitzsimmons station. Pandora is amazing, isn't it?

  7. I LOVE Pandora. I usually stick to Blues radio, Amy Winehouse station, Britney Spears for when I'm lagging, and Smashing Pumpkins which has an awesome 90's mix all day.

  8. Believe it or no I don't use Pandora! Shocker! lol! I have spotify on my phone, but don't use that often either. I guess I either have the local radio stations on, throw on youtube when by my computer, or taking it old school - listen to cd's still. lol!

  9. We don't have access to Pandora in Canada but I have heard great things about it! I listen to Songza and love it!

  10. Wow Disquieting above and I share the same exact taste in Pandora music. I considered paying for the upgrade, as I use it in the classroom too, but then I learned Amazon Prime has free streaming internet radio with no ads. Score!

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