Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pure Bliss--#CoffeeMyWay

My morning starts out with me rolling out of bed right after 7. Curling up on the couch with a comfy blanket, and drinking my steaming hot coffee while watching the Today show. 

Oops, that was a sweet daydream. I actually spend my morning with my sweet baby boy--Bennett. Pandora Nursery Rhyme Radio is on in the other room, I'm unloading dishwasher from the night before, and brewing a cup of coffee which I pray will still be warm when I go to drink it at 8AM when breakfast in our house is served. I wouldn't change these moments for anything. 

The View From Up Here has teamed up with Wayfair for their #coffeemyway campaign. Wayfair is one of the LARGEST online destinations for your home. They literally have anything and everything you would want...and with free shipping. You can find anything you need for your home from bargains to high end...and if you are really looking for a great bargain, they have 70% off daily deals! I also love how searching their site is so simple. If you want a purple rug, just type rug then refine your search to purple and the size you would like. It's a great site, and I use it whenever I need something for the house!

If you know me, you know I like my coffee. If I go to Stroller Strides, you will find me at Starbucks after. First thing I do at school when I substitute is make a cup of coffee, and Bennett's doctor is right next door to a Dunkin. (I may or may not have picked his doctor based on the location--next to Target and Dunkin, sign me up). My mornings at home though, I enjoy a cup of hot coffee with my breakfast. 

After I nurse Bennett in the morning--around 7AM, I go change his diaper and give him a little independent time to play in his playroom while I get our breakfast ready. I make his breakfast--consisting of pears, bananas, and oatmeal and set it to the side. I then put my yogurt into a bowl and pour some granola and chia seeds in it. I turn the Keurig on, and get my kcup ready. I then grab my sweet boy and put him in his high chair with a teething biscuit to watch me finish getting our breakfast ready (spoons, yobaby, sippy cup). I put a splash of whatever creamer I have (my FIL brought me some Coldstone so that's what's on the menu this week) and a packet of Sugar in the Raw. I then sit down and enjoy my breakfast time with my adorable starving little man. 

That cup of coffee gets me through the first half of the day. I usually have a cup of iced coffee before 5PM to get me a little extra oomph to make it through the rest of the day. Especially when my hubby is out of town. 

Tell me...How do you like your coffee? #Coffeemyway

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  1. It's funny how we day dream of a simple morning alone, but at the same time we wouldn't have it any other way! Motherhood is amazing! As for my coffee..I LOVE French Vanilla :)

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