Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easy Mac--The Good Kind

There are nights that the hubby gets home late for work, and by time he gets home I'm starving and there is something about eating really close to bedtime that I just don't like. I also tend to need a go to lunch during the day, since I don't generally eat leftovers...and if there are leftovers they go in Nics lunch. 

This summer when I was extremely pregnant, I would venture to Target daily to see what new things I could find. Too much money was spent there this summer, but it was cold inside and they had Starbucks and popcorn. One of my trips through the grocery aisle, I spotted Pirate's Booty Mac n Cheese. I snatched them very quickly off the shelf...every single different "flavor". I have had the popcorn before and it's quite delicious, but wasn't sure what to expect from the pasta. When I got home I made some, and quickly polished it off. Unlike Kraft, it actually tastes cheesy, not kinda just coloring it with cheese. I have always been taught thought meals should include a veggie and meat, so that's how I end up with my Mac n Cheese creations!  It's a super fast lunch or dinner that doesn't have all the stuff the other Mac N Cheese have! 

Things you can throw in your Mac N Cheese: 

Leftover Chicken
Hot Dogs
Any veggie
...and don't forget your favorite spice to spice it up. I love a couple drops of hot sauce in mine!


  1. I don't think I've ever heard or seen this brand. Tabasco makes everything taste better. Spoken like a true Southern Diva!

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