Friday, March 13, 2015

Finally Friday!

This week was such a fun week! I really enjoyed my "spring break" with my family. The temps are really getting up up there and it is getting warm out there! I'm excited for summer and the pool, but not so much temps in the high 90s. Here are my confessions: 

1. I confess that I am really starting to figure out my camera. 

I got this really nice camera  a Canon DSLR back in May for my first Mother's Day gift. I started using it right away and playing with all the manual settings on it, etc. I took our Christmas picture and have taken his monthly pictures. Yesterday, I actually went out and took some pictures of my sister dancing en pointe. Here is one of my favorites! You can check some more pictures out on her instagram: @all.x.wat

2. I confess I lost my fitbit charger.

Don't even ask. I have not had that thing for more than a month...and it's gone. I seriously have no idea where it is. I'm pretty sure that by the end of they year, I will probably have 12 of those darn things. 

3. This was not the week for meal plans. 

I enjoyed my spring break a little too much, and decided that my social calendar Bennett's social calendar, was a little more important. Next week I will definitely be back with some new recipes! 

4. I confess that I am counting down the hours til my hubby is home tonight. 

I really can't wait for him to be home. I don't drink anything during the week (1 drink puts me in a deep sleep), so on the weekend when the time comes and Bennett is asleep...I finally enjoy my glass of wine or cider, then say goodnight world.

5. My baby will be 7 months tomorrow. 

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  1. Great photo! I too got an awesome camera recently but no clue how to use it, I keep shooting in auto and my hubby yells at me to step outside the box and try focusing the thing myself lol. Happy 7 months to your little one!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. I found some great cheat sheets on Pinterest that I am compiling for a blog post next week!


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