Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The New CD

A few years ago, I made this cute basket of goodies for Nic with all the reasons I love him written on cute gifts. I had a CD--one of the shiny round things that plays songs--in his car ready to play with love songs and a recording that I made to tell him to have a wonderful day and how much I love him. (Now that I think about it, I hope that CD didn't get traded in with his car when we got mine...hmm). This year this mama needed an easier way to tell my hubby I loved him without making a CD and a recording during nap time. 

The TV literally never comes on when I am at home. I just really don't watch it. I kinda forget it's there. Yes, I love to watch The Bachelor, Real Housewives, and any other reality show that is on TV...I just don't. During the day, at any may walk into my house and find Pandora, Amazon, or Spotify on. Today while listening to Spotify, I decided I would make a playlist of my OUR favorite music. Below is a playlist of some of our favorite love songs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will over the next few days. 

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