Monday, February 16, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Back to our regular scheduled week. This week Bennett has his shots and 6 month appointment on Monday; we also get to spend the day with his Auntie Ally because she is out of school for President's day. We are going to try and make it to Stroller Strides on Tuesday instead of Monday since his appointment is in the morning. Wednesday I will be subbing--hence Pizza night! Thursday, Bennett graduates from swim class (what?!). On Friday, we will have our date night...not sure of where, if you have a new place to suggest, DO IT! Either Saturday or Sunday, I am going to have my family over...will have to see what the winning recipe for them is. Excited for this week ahead. 

Favorite Food:

My FAVORITE food this past week was the Crisp Bean Burrito, I'm kinda doing another rendition of it this week with the chimichangas. Nic's only suggestion with the burrito was to have meat. So that I will do! I am perfectly fine without meat in my food, but he wants it in his meals. 

Pick Me Up Snack Ideas:

Today I made a delicious smoothie for an afternoon pick me up snack. I am going to share it on the blog tomorrow so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, check out 13 Oatmeal Smoothies. It really was a great snack to hold me over til dinner. 

My Weekly Meal Plan:

As always you can check out all of these meals below through their links, or through my Plan to Eat Recipe Book. This really is a great way to make your list, and meal plan for the next week. 

Monday- Bruschetta Chicken with Asparagus and Rice
Tuesday- Baked Chicken Chimichanga with Mexican Rice
Wednesday- Pizza
Thursday-Spaghetti Pie
Friday- Date Night
Saturday- Melt in Your Mouth Chicken with Mixed Veggies
Sunday- Chicken Gloria

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
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