Saturday, February 28, 2015

Homemade Oreos

One of my favorite snack foods is definitely Oreos and milk! I am never without them in my pantry--double stuff, peppermint, red velvet...I've tried them all. This past week on one of my many Pinterest searching days I came across a Oreo recipe. The recipe was super simple and delicious! Oh, and there are no eggs in this so I can not confirm or deny that I was tasting the dough as I was making these!

Bless This Mess--Homemade Oreos

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Finally Friday!

This week has been so long--wait do I say that every week? It really has been though. 

Monday--just wait til you hear about Monday, it actually is in my confessions

Tuesday--after lunch with my sister and BIL at Flipper's Pizza, I came home to discover Bennett had a 102 temp. Went to doctor to find nothing wrong with my sweet boy, just a fever. 

Wednesday--I stayed home from subbing since my boy was sick. Visited the doctor again since his fever would go away then come back. 

Thursday-- Why hello fever, I am not glad to see you AGAIN. Cancelled subbing and tutoring AGAIN. We even missed our first swim class because of this evil mysterious fever. 

Friday-- Here's to hoping that the fever will be gone! Yesterday it maxed out at 100.5, a whole degree less than the other days! 

1. I confess that on Monday, February 23rd, 2015 I successfully walked 10,000 steps

Well actually I walked more then 10,000 steps...I walked 12,391 steps. I would like to think the academy Stroller Strides, Target, my husband's softball game, and my in-laws for living a half of a mile away. I'm starting to think that Monday's will be the only day I hit this step count...OOPS.

2. I confess that I love my New Computer Monitor

So way back in 2011 I purchased my beloved Macbook Pro to complete the rest of my Bachelor's degree. Fast Forward to 2015, the thing still runs pretty great! I have been begging my husband for a iMac...(these eyes are not so good and staring at something on a laptop just makes them work more), in which he replies "no." So I kinda gave up on that request. Until I had an epiphany, and said I could just hook my computer up to a monitor. The monitor was $150, $100 credit to Office Depot=lots of money saved! 

3. I confess that I cleaned our room and FOUND my sweaty band!

If you haven't done so yet, I have a page devoted to my favorite products...this is one of them! It actually got stuck to the bottom of some gloves, and living in Florida I hadn't touched them probably this whole season. The second I found it I alerted everyone, no one even remembered I had lost it. 

OH--I also found the Nosefrida after I had already bought another, nice...right. 

4. I confess that I finally set up Bennett's Dedication Day at our church. 

We were originally going to have him dedicated back in November, but all of our family wasn't going to be in town. Fast forward January, and I realized we still had not accomplished this HUGE task! Now to find something for him to wear. I wanted this one romper from Janie and Jack (the one on the right), but it is no where to be found since it was last years style. Maybe one of you can find it at a consignment store near you in 9 months! The one on the left is the one they are selling now.
5. I confess that I want this fever to leave my HOUSE!

I am over this fever. No symptoms=mystery fever. He was basically tested for everything under the sun, so the dr is leaning towards Roseola. Now we wait and see if a rash appears after this fever is gone!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Five Do's of Menu Planning

This is an example of what shouldn't happen after a trip to the grocery store. This is how my week generally went before I started meal planning, except it wasn't just after a trip to the grocery was every day! When I went grocery shopping I would walk up and down the aisles of the store, looking at everything that looked tasty or I thought I would want to cook that week and buy it. I would set out to cook the next day, but had no idea what I wanted to cook so I wouldn't. We would end up going to getting take out from Chipotle, Outback, or Pei Wei...just to name a few. I've been menu planning now for 4 weeks, and I am so glad that I am. Yes, there are those days that I can't physically take one more step--fitbit begs to differ--and we eat out, but generally we

1. Plan a Day in Advance

Don't try and menu plan and go shopping all in one day. You will be tired and you won't want to make dinner that night! I generally do my planning on Sunday afternoon and go shopping right after stroller strides on Monday morning. If you are a coupon clipper this gives you time to clip coupons too!

2. Go Through Your Pantry and See What You Already Have

I am completely bothered by the fact when I buy something that I already have. I'm not want to buy in surplus, so buying an extra can of cream of mushroom soup, just bothers me. A seasoning list is always helpful in or near your pantry that way you aren't purchasing garlic salt every time it's in a recipe! 

3. If You Skip a Meal Add it to the Next Week

You already have the stuff for the recipe, might as well cook it up! There are many times I have to skip because I am busy, adding it to the next week is easy and I already purchased the stuff. 

4. Use PlanToEat 

I get almost all of my recipes from Pinterest or various blogs throughout the week. I have a widget on my browser that allows me to add the recipe directly to Plantoeat instead of saving somewhere in my bookmarks or Food Board only to forget about it in a week. With Plan to Eat the recipe is added there and you can add it to your planner, it then adds it to a grocery list. (I will do a tutorial on this soon!--Hoping to VLOG about it)

5. Plan Out Your Sides

I can't tell you how many times I have purchased everything I needed for my meals for that week, only to not have any sides to go with my main course. Then Nic ends up stopping on the way home to pick something up, and generally grabs something for us to have for snack on later...definitely not needed! Click on the link below for a Menu Plan print out!

I hope this helps you with your menu planning next week, and make sure to link up with orgjunkie for Menu Plan Monday! 

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby's Sick Day Guide

1. NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

We bought this before Bennett was actually born, went on vacation...then it vanished. This month Bennett got somewhat of a cold, and we were using the good ol' bulb syringe. I knew that the Nose Frida thing works better, but kept putting it off because I figured we would find it. Ended up buying it from Target one day, and the next day Bennett's nose was all clear. Definitely glad I picked it up! 

2. Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops

My husband and I are huge fans of the adult saline solution, so when Bennett had his cold we got some for him. This made it so much easier to help him breath. It is a little difficult to count the drops that go in the nose, but a little practice and you will get it! 

3. Infants Tylenol Pain Reliever

I have like 3 bottles of this on hand, one in my room, one in Bennett's room, and one in the diaper bag. You know how tylenol works for you, well same thing with babies. Today Bennett was running a fever and within an hour it had already dropped a degree. I'm hoping it stays down, but if it doesn't I've got some tylenol to help it. 

4. Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Usually when you call the doctor's office they ask how the temperature was taken. Yes, the arm is a great way to take it or the forehead thermometer...but nothing is more accurate then the rectal. 

5. Boogie Wipes

These are great for on the go when you want to be gentle on babies nose when wiping it. Saline, Aloe, Chamomile, and Vitamin E make these the perfect go to wipe for any sweet little baby nose. 

Little Something Extra:

When your little one is running a fever you want them in something light but comfy. I love simple T's from Carter's or even the Sleep and Play one pieces. Today we totally enjoyed our short sleeve shirt and gdiaper. 

My little man not feeling well today. (Yes, that is a reindeer paci from Christmas--don't judge.) 
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Favorite Things-Target

Alright, well this isn't exactly me...but I do love myself some Target shopping. Holly over at While I'm Waiting posted her favorite things from Target. I generally go on Monday's---everyday Target trips have stopped since Bennett was born. Grocery shopping is done first, and usually by the time grocery shopping is finished Bennett is asleep in the Tula so I have feel the need to keep walking so he takes a little bit of a nap. He really is such a good boy, and I usually never hear any complaining from him when carried around. Below are some of my favorite things from my recent Target trips!

1. Bread Pudding

Guys, this bread pudding is some good stuff, my favorite is by far the fudge brownie, but then again I haven't tried cookies and cream. It's found in the freezer section near the pies. GO RUN...just go now!

2. Clearance

I can NOT be the only one that has to check every clearance end cap there is to make sure I don't miss anything good that was put on clearance. At the Target near my house they have an end cap that is basically a catch all. Items include random shirts, socks, pens, baby name it, it's over there. I found such great things this past summer when trying to walking Bennett out. 

3. Cleaning Supplies

I don't know if its because spring is almost here, or if I am turning over a new leaf. I just had to check out all of the natural cleaning supplies. Let's hope that I'm going to actually use the daily shower spray "daily" when I take my shower. 

4. C9 Yoga Pants

I love these pants! They are so comfy and wick away moisture as well as the next crop. For only $35, grab a few pair because you are going to love them!

5. Cartwheel

I literally have gotten everyone to use this app! I generally save at least $10 with cartwheel and the red card combined. That's a free shirt people. I think together over the year and a half I have used it I have save $165. I'm sure there are some of you that are way over that amount, but that's pretty good! 

What are some of your favorite Target finds? 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday on Org Junkie
I love the evenings when I can curl up on the couch with my Macbook and blog and watch TV. I rarely actually watch TV, but I am all about the award shows. So I am writing this while enjoying seeing everyones gorgeous dresses and writing down my next movie choice based on who wins. 

This week I will be subbing on Wednesday and Friday. I love subbing Fridays, any day that is jean day is a great day in my book. I'm telling you that Chicken Gloria is not meant to be cooked on the weekend, so I moved it to a Monday night dinner so that I can actually get it cooked and enjoyed. We are always so busy on the weekend. I did however make that pizza dough that I was supposed to make on Wednesday on Saturday for lunch. It was supposed a copy cat of Papa Johns and was fast and delicious!

Breakfast Ideas: 

I'm loving avocados. I literally ate two yesterday for lunch--God help us. They are probably one of my favorite foods. That along with olives, pickles, cheese...and I would probably eat them all together. My breakfast generally always involves a granola yogurt and coffee. Once I lay Bennett down for his morning nap, I heat up a waffle and call it "an extension" of breakfast. I have a few avocados that were going to be made up for Bennett and put in freezer until I realized I have so much food in there, that I should just eat them. Check out my Pinterest for more Breakfast ideas!

My Weekly Meal Plan

As always you can check out all of these meals below through their links, or through my Plan to Eat Recipe Book. This really is a great way to make your list, and meal plan for the next week. 

Monday- Chicken Gloria- Update: Absolutely delicious! Sauce made a bunch, maybe make some more chicken for leftovers? 
Tuesday- One Pot Zucchini Mushroom PastaUpdate: OOPS, making next week!
Wednesday-Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Update: Great, but way way too hot for me! I couldn't even finish half of it! I will definitely use a more mild sauce next time!
Thursday- Bacon Cheeseburger Wraps Update: This reminded me a LOT of the chimichangas. They were really good. I actually made them on the stove top like the bean burritos I made a couple weeks ago. The hardest part was unrolling and stuffing with lettuce and other toppings. 
Friday-Slow Cooker Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Update: Oh boy, this made a bunch. We ended up having so much leftover so we had it as our sides for everything that week. The rice kind of got mushy on the bottom and didn't have very many seasonings to it at all. By the end of the week I couldn't stomach it anymore. 
Saturday- Date Night
Sunday- Melt in Your Mouth Chicken Update: I've had this before, but my little sister loves it so I invited my family over and we enjoyed it together. It was just as great as I remembered! 

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Pinterest Linkup

This week on my Pinterest link up I am featuring my Style board. I am so ready for spring I guess summer is more like it, since the high today is 80...I am ready for shorts, cute dresses, skirts, and the beach. Being pregnant last year didn't really allow me to wear all the cute clothes from the summer season, and Jcrew doesn't carry my favorite colorful shorts in maternity...there is only so much a Beband can do until they don't fit anymore. This week I am really going to work on getting my style board updated with styles for spring and summer, I hope you will follow along and give me advice on what's cute and what to pass on! 

Link up below with your favorite Pin!

Visit Brittany's profile on Pinterest.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

They Grow So Fast

With my sweet pea already 6 months I just can't wrap my head around the fact that he is growing up so fast and won't be a baby forever. When you think of Saturday's any day pre-baby, you think of time at the mall, gym, sewing, whatever you wanted to do you could do it whenever. These moments with your little one are priceless and you aren't given a do over. Take those Saturday's and enjoy every minute with your little ones. Actually take every day and make it count. Live your life with no regrets. The last thing you want is to see your child graduate, and say to yourself "I missed so much in their life". Here are some pictures of me spending time with my Bennett this week. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Finally Friday

1. I confess I actually did something that was on my Pinterest "to do" list. 

My pantry needed a little love..I kinda would forget what I had and would end up buying stuff that was already in my pantry. I need to do just a few more things to it, and then I will reveal later this week. 

2. I confess that I have a graduate. 

Ok, well not really a graduate, but he did graduate from his water baby swim class! We will be moving on to the parent/tot class this next week, where he will actually learn to hold his breath under the water. He loves the water and I love watching him in it!

3. I confess I actually made dinner on Wednesday, and it was DELICIOUS.

I somehow forgot about toppings for a pizza when doing my grocery shopping on Monday morning, and therefore wasn't able to make my pizza. I'm hoping to get some today and make it for dinner tonight. I think our date night is going to be on the couch tomorrow. I'm too tired to get dressed up to go out in this cold weather! 

4. I confess I love my fitbit. 

I finally got a fitbit last weekend as a Valentine's day present from my husband and I really need to figure out a way to walk 10,000 steps though. I'm hoping on Monday when I go to stroller strides, combined with my Target trip, and our evening walk I may hit it! I mean, I did walk a mile at Target...WHAT?! 

5. I confess because of my fitbit I need really want some more yoga pants. 

My favorite pants were these Reebok ones with pockets in them from Dick's. They were amazing pants. Well recently the pocket started coming off, and I can't find them anywhere! I have tried lots of others--lululemon, Champion, Gap, Old Navy...and my favorite at this time are the Champion ones.  When I went to buy another pair on Monday, they were out of mediums. Pretty sure it was Gods way of telling me I don't need anymore yoga pants. 

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