Thursday, January 29, 2015

New-sa Noosa

{After trying to put his hand in my Yoghurt many times, I caved and found an oz in the freezer for him, this made him happy}

Growing up I wasn't really a fan of yogurt. I never like gogurt, trix yogurt, or any other fun yogurts my friends liked. I always wanted to like them, but the sour taste was not for me! I became obsessed when I was pregnant with Bennett. Oikos Banana Yogurt with Special K granola became my go to snack daily. When he was born, he hated the stuff. He literally would spit up all the time about 8 hours after I ate it. Nothing else really bothered him (Except Fenugreek...but that's a different post). This past week I was grocery shopping with my precious boy in his Ergo at Target with Starbucks, and came across Noosa Yoghurt. I decided to pick this up for me and Nic's typical YoCrunch Oreo for him. The next morning before Bennett and I went for a tour at his Mom's Day Out drop off program, Bennett had a little bottle and I had my yoghurt. 
I was pleasantly surprised when later that day and the next he had no real spit up issues. 

There were quite a few different flavors, but they were 8 oz containers and I just didn't want to get the big container when I wasn't sure if was even going to like it. I decided on the tart cherry 4 pack-4 oz servings. One thing I really liked about this yogurt was the fact that there were real cherries in it. I could actually taste the cherries in it with every bite, instead of it being just cherry puree stuff.  I definitely will be trying the others and venturing into the 8 oz world. I'm only disappointed that I never tried the pumpkin

{nutrition information for 8 oz Tart Cherry}

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