Monday, January 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

I have such a difficult time finding the time to cook the meals that I have planned for the week. I would say 5/7 days we eat something out, and that just needs to stop! Hubby would love for me to cook dinner every night, and I need to get started on cooking the stuff that I have planned to make. This week I have linked up with I'm an Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday. I used to do grocery shopping on Sunday when I was working, but going on Monday morning is my favorite time now. It's not as crazy as Sundays and I can actually walk around Target without running into people having to say "excuse me" to everyone in every aisle. 

Meal planning is pretty easy for me, as we pretty much eat everything with the exception of seafood, peanuts, and heavy fruit items (allergies). We don't really have any crazy dietary needs or real big dislikes. I finally got control of my morning meal planning and make an egg burrito (avocado, cheese, and hot sauce) in the morning, with a cup of coffee. Lunch time is a little more difficult and I am still working on that! My goal with menu planning is to have something for Nic to take to lunch the next day. When I plan our dinners for the week I generally look at my Food Pinterest board for anything I have pinned that week that looked absolutely delicious. I then narrow it down so we aren't eating the same type of food every day (i.e. Pizza, Spaghetti, Chicken Parmesan). That's the one thing I really can't stand is eating the same food the next day. I am a horrible person when it comes to leftovers! Another thing to keep in mind is that Friday and Saturday are usually our eat dinner out days date nights so nothing gets planned on those nights. One last thing before I share my plan...on Wednesday's I substitute at my old school, I make a crockpot dinner on those nights so when I get home it's all ready for us to eat!

Without further ado, here is my plan for the week: 

Monday- One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese
Tuesday- Meatball Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries
Wednesday- Angel Chicken in the Crock Pot and Penne
Thursday- Cordon Bleu Crescent Rolls with a Salad
Friday- Date Night
Saturday- Date Night
Sunday- Super Bowl Italian Hero Crescent Roll

I hope this helps with someone's meal planning this week! 

Until next time, that's The View From Up Here! 


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