Saturday, January 24, 2015

Goal Setting

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I log on to Pinterest in a day... 3 times maybe let's be honest probably 6. ( The amount of times I lay Bennett down for a nap and nurse him in a day. Pinterest, Facebook, and Messenger are my go to apps for when I am nursing.) I pin so many things I forget what I pinned the next day, until kindly reminds me before I pin it again. One of my new years resolutions for 2015, is to not just look pin but DO. I'm not talking about the cute little foot print on the canvas for Valentine's Day, I'm talking meaningful things people! Here are my top 3 pins that I want to accomplish by the end of February. 


Refrigerator Clean Out and organizing.

This needs done ASAP. It's not like our fridge is dirty or not organized. It's just not as efficient as it should be. If it was more efficient I think we would eat better and actually find the dinner from the night before. Ultimately this will be my fridge. 

Thanks to Kate from The Neat Nook for really wanting me to get this done!


Meal planning. I have enough recipes on my Pinterest to have a different one every day. I need to figure out breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans daily, as well as Bennett's meal plan. Having Bennett's done too will allow me to have the food prepared the day before so I can just pop in microwave. 


Cleaning Schedule. I often get overwhelmed with cleaning such a big house. I don't know where to start and by time I start Bennett is awake, and would love someone to play with him. I will start with the fridge this weekend, and work my way up to this. Small steps people, small steps. 

Maybe if I can get these three pins completed I can move on to all my DIY projects I have been eyeing up for four years too long to count!

Until next time, that's the View From Up Here.  

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