Saturday, January 31, 2015

Choosing a School

When I first got pregnant last December, I knew I wasn't going to have a classroom for the 2014-2015 school year but still wanted to contribute to family in some way. I also knew that I would want to have a little me time and let Bennett spend time with other people besides just his mama. As said in another post, I chose to go back to subbing once sometimes twice a week at my old school. Right now I have a consistent day that works excellent with our mommy and me schedule. I really want to continue this next year, but probably up it to 2/3 days.

One of the big questions you ask yourself when deciding to go back to work is "who is going to watch my baby?". We are so so blessed to have my mother in law to watch Bennett right now when I work, and that makes me very happy. But, if you know anything about one year olds you know they are a ball full of energy. I wanted to make it easier on my mother in law as well as fun for Bennett so I got to looking for a daycare that would meet my "part time, random schedule life". Below are the 2 things that helped me decide the perfect setting for him. 


Flexible schedule- I wanted something where I could drop Bennett off if I had a dr appointment or if I was subbing and my MIL needed a quick break or had a dr appointment. With this program you pay for a minimum of 15 hours in the beginning of the month then pay for your overage at the beginning of the next month. So you could use 15 hours or you could use 40, it's entirely up to you. My plan is that's Bennett will go after breakfast in the morning and stay until before lunch. 


Reviews- I have experience with the school from when my brother and sister went to school, My Mom was in school to be a nurse so a lot of times I would pick my brother or sister up from school. I loved the people and how friendly everyone was. The school just smelled like "school" it had that sweet little school kid vibe going, and I knew from the beginning I would want my kids to go there. (Luckily Bennett was born before September so he is allowed to start, but if he was born in September he would have to wait whole other year.) Since I am not sure where I will be in a few years I decided to look at the VPK readiness scores, just in case Bennett will go there. I'm excited for Bennett to learn at school and teach me anything he is learning.

A lot more factors, such as ratio, vibe, cost, etc went into our decision but these were what we continually went back to when deciding on the perfect place for our sweet pea. 

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