Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bennett's Grub

Despite Bennett's effort to get us to put our subs, eggs, fruit, veggies, into his mouth he's stuck with his purees for a little while longer. He has loved everything he has tried so far with the exception of peas. That boy must be like his mama and they end up all over his shirt, he just can't hold those things down! We try a new food every 3ish days, if he has done good so far on the second day usually the 3rd day I may try something if it's a new food week for us. Here's what we have done so far:

1st Week- Rice
2nd Week- Oatmeal, Avocado
3rd Week- Sweet Potatoes
4th Week- Pears, Peas
5th Week- Prunes, Bananas
6th Week- Yellow Squash

We started with Earth's Best Rice and Oatmeal, poor thing got really constipated clogged up! I remembered seeing the Happy Bellies Oatmeal and Rice with probiotics so I figured we would give it a try. He definitely has an easier time using the restroom, and it actually tastes pretty good! We really don't use the rice or oatmeal that much, we mainly stick to avocado as our main source of "bulking" food.

After tutoring today I decided to run to Whole Foods. I really wanted to try peaches and plums this week but I'm guessing they aren't in season because they are no where to be found. If you know the season let me know! We may end up buying some of those via jar if I can't find some. :) Anyways, I came home and made food after food after food.  Everything with the exception of the Kale which was boiled and the bananas which were just chopped in the food processor, was made in the beaba. It's an amazing invention and everyone that makes their own baby food should have one! It steams then chops in the same bowl. I rinse the bowl out and start again with whatever is next! I love my little beaba, but mama needs the mac daddy. So, if anyone would like to get me it for a Valentine's day gift I mean feel free! 

When the food is cooled, I pop them into ice cube trays and pop in the freezer. Once frozen I put them in freezer gallon bags and mark the date and what it is. I literally just pour on top and take a spatula and smooth it out. (Hubby taught me that trick)

Here is the breakdown of the food that I purchased today. A cube is about an oz, and we usually grab 2 cubes for each meal. A jar at the store is 2oz so here is the general idea of how much we spend vs store bought. 

Sidenote: The kale is broken into half cubes since we will only be using it as a mix in and not a meal. 

Organic Carrots (2 lbs) $2.48 made 24 cubes-- $.10/cube
Organic Garnet Yams (2 lbs) $5.18- 45 cubes $.12/cub
Organic Bosc Pears $5.11- 16 cubes, 2-2 oz squeeze pouches $.25/cube
Organic Kale $4.00 18 half cubes .44/cube
Bananas (3) 17 cubes 

Can't wait to try new foods this week with my munchkin. But, he's up now. Yeah, its 9:53PM...who knows? 

Until next time, that's The View From Up Here. 

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