Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Print Rich Environment

Labels, Labels, Labels! I label everything. I have 2 label makers at home with 3 different colored tape, and recently bought a laminator so I could laminate paper labels to put around my house. So it is no question that I will be putting labels around my classroom to create a print rich environment for my preschoolers. Below are the labels I have chosen to help aid myself and my students in our every day use of the classroom materials.

First up, I looked all over for labels that could label that windows, walls, tables, and everything in between. After hours and hours of searching...I finally found the one I wanted on Pinterest for FREE! :)  The word FREE always makes me a happy person, plus there were so many words and pictures were included. If you would like the link to the graphics they are free and were found on Pinterest. I will have pictures up of them being used in my my classroom as soon as they are laminated and posted.
Classroom Labels (When I click on these on Pinterest it goes straight to the download file.) If anyone knows who it comes from I would love to give them credit.

Next up, I am lucky enough to have two computers in my classroom that my students will have access to. To help them learn quick keys I will post these posters to learn the shortcuts for copy, paste, cut, and undo. These posters will be hung above the computers as well as miniature ones will be put on the desk, for quick look ups. This also was inspired by Pinterest. Thriving Third Graders- Cut, Paste, Copy, Undo Posters

In Preschool, it is very important to have a schedule with the students and stick to it so the students are prepared for what is coming next in the day. I have chosen these schedule cards because there are so many activities to chose from, there are pictures to go with the words, and they were free! Daily Schedule Cards

The last labels that I have for you tonight are the Polka Dot Supply Labels. I paid $2.50 for them on Teachers Pay Teachers. I fell in love with them and had to have them! I am still debating what to put the supplies in, but that is for another night. Supply Labels
Now that they are printed, all I have to do is laminate them. I think I will laminate then cut. I have printed, cut, then laminated, then cut before. But this is way too much to do that this time, plus I think it will look much better in the end. 

Until next time, 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Let Anyone Tell You That You Can't

"You'll never find a job in this market, just stay in school for as long as you can!"
"You will have to go to that dreaded teacher interview day, it's like Black Friday for teachers!"
"You will have to go to interview after interview and probably have to work for a school you don't even want to work for."
"First there is transfer period then there is pool then there is..."

These are all statements I heard from people upon graduating from the college of education. Did I let it get me down. No way! I was too excited to start my life, and start my journey of teaching...I mean that's what I paid big bucks for anyways. Those harsh statements did not stop me from sending out resumes and getting my name out there.
Half way into May, I received an email from a professor about an opening at a wonderful school here in Tampa that I had interned at for my first internship. My best friend had also gotten a job at this school following her final internship this semester (see people do get jobs!). She wanted to know if I would be interested in applying at this wonderful school. I jumped all over this opportunity, as I had no idea there were any openings. A week later I was interviewing, and two weeks later I had my follow up interview.
At the follow up interview, I was offered a job as the 4/5s (preschool) teacher. These children have most likely been in this school since they were babies, so they are familiar with the routines of attending a school setting. My job is to teach them to read, and most importantly have fun with them. I am so excited about this opportunity, these preschoolers are going to be wrapped in my arms this next year and guided in every right direction. I can't wait to shape them into phenomenal kindergarteners.
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